Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Life at Kooroorinya and Christmas

Life is good !!
     Much of our time is spent relaxing, it is so dry our here and the water in Towerhill creek is going down every day, we have to be a bit careful with our water consumption now as it comes from the creek, although we have two rain water tanks, we need rain!! The camping area is devoid of visitors because it so dry, although we did have a couple of travellers just after Christmas on their way through to where ever they were going.
     Jim had a busy couple of days when he gave a hand to muster Bogunda Station's cattle off the Moorinya National Park, which they had the use of until Christmas but had to get off the national park by then.  A very long day for him and he came home buggered but happy, thoroughly enjoyed the challenge
     The park is 85,000 acres and there were 2 or 3 stations with cattle on it making it a big muster, there were 2 helicopters, 13 motor bikes, 4 Quad  bikes, 4 ute's  and about 25 people, not to mention the ladies who supplied food and drinks for the whole gang.
     We have been shopping into Hughenden a couple of times and make an overnight stay at the Prairie Pub, taking the bus in to stay the night, saves having to drink and drive, not to mention the Kangaroos which a menace early evening,  morning and night as they are so stupid that they try to out run any vehicle, then decide to cut across in front of you, much to their demise and sometimes much damage to the vehicle. We had one altercation while in the Jimny resulting in a $3500.00 insurance claim, and once in the bus, but the bus was up to the challenge sustaining no damage at all.
     Yip (our Dingo) is doing really well, growing too fast and very cheeky. Has learnt many commands but still sometimes hesitant to come when we call, that is the way of the Dingo though, think about every decision before committing ones self to action. Dot has decided that Yip is not bad companion to have around and plays with her well.
     Christmas day we spent at our friends station, Bagunda, with a wonderful day having been had, plenty of great food and drinks and many stories told.
     I have to be in Townsville at the end of March to have a review of my operation, so we will depart Kooroorinya then and decide where to go next.
     It's been a great year, best wishes for 2014.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Life at Kooroorinya

21st December

     The month is almost gone already and Christmas is just around the corner and I have only just got around to catching up with my blog.  Merry Christmas to all from Jim and me and the puppies.
Ho-Ho-Ho  Merry Christmas
Santa and his helper with Lily, Bella and Cherry
(Prairie Pub Kids)

The Prairie School Christmas Do that we attended on the last day of last month was very nice, spent the evening being entertained by the Kids and meeting Lot's of people. We spent the night in the bus there and headed back to Kooroorinya on Sunday morning.

Towerhill Creek  upstream of the crossing
On the way back it struck me how dry it is since we got here and hopefully it will rain soon, but I took this photo as we crossed over the creek just short of camp to compare later when it is in flood ( whenever that may happen)

     Spent a couple of days getting things sorted with the supplies we purchased in Townsville, then settled back to relax once again in the peace and quiet of Kooroorinya.

                                                                                   Tuesday 3rd
     We took a drive to visit our nearest neighbours, only 15 km up the road a bit, on Bogunda Station, they said we couldn't miss the their station as it has this huge steam engine at the entrance to the sixty thousand acre property (yes 60000 acres!). Had lovely cuppa with their daughter as the rest of the family was out working on the back boundary about 15km away. I have some difficulty dealing with vast distances and sizes of things around here, but am slowing getting used to it.

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to keep up with my exercises for my knees and doing a bit around the camp. Other than that we have been taking it easy. Were sitting around one after noon when we had a visit from a Sand Goanna, just wondered around the edge of the garden for while, I think it was looking for the moisture in the garden as we had not long since watered it, then it took off across the paddock and disappeared in the dry grass as it was well camouflaged, nice surprise, it was about 4 or 5 feet long and very pretty. That's one of the beaut things about being here, you never know what will turn up in the garden.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

25th to 30th November Townsville to Kooroorinya

It's been a few days since we got back to Kooroorinya and all is going well.
     The Hospital rang on Monday 25th to bring my appointment forward by one day, on the Wednesday 27th so we were able to head back a day earlier and were in Pentland by 3pm on  Wednesday. All went well with my final check-up and have to go back on the 27th March 2014 for another check-up, so the plan is to stay at Kooroorinya until then and resume our travels after that.
Jim, Dot and Yip on White Mountain

      We spent the first night on the road at a stop-over 14km east of Pentland at a place called Campaspe River rest area, and continued on to Prairie on Thursday morning stopping at the Burra Range lookout which is on the White Mountain National Park, great view.  Had a neat afternoon at Prairie Pub and it poured with rain in the early evening which turned the parking area we were at into a small shallow lake.


  Friday 29th
  Due to the rain last night it is pretty wet under foot today. as this photo of Jim sitting in the lake just outside the bus having a cup of coffee shows, the water has gone down by this time, last night it was ankle deep. As it dried out around 10am we made a move to head out to camp at Kooroorinya and did some nice wheel spin on the way out the gate but got through and arrived at camp by lunch time, along with a good shower of rain too, which was nice to have. Had a quiet afternoon and an early night.
     Saturday 30th
Spent some time this morning unpacking the bus and Car etc then we went into Prairie again as it was the Publicans kids school xmas concert for the Prairie State School, which the kids wanted us to go to so we didn't let them down and we had a ball. Spent the night in the bus on the roadside and headed back to camp next morning.

Monday, November 25, 2013

17th to 25th Still in Townsville

Monday 25th
    Well the waiting is almost over, we have spent the past few days getting ready to go back to Kooroorinya, ( or I should say Jim has) I am doing really well but still not much use when it comes to the crunch of actually doing much yet.

Dot and Jim relaxing at Camp in Townsville
Jim and Dot have been able to have a little free time every now and then, but mostly Jim has been busy shopping for stores when we go back and making sure everything is up to scratch etc.

We had a nice afternoon  on Thursday last week when we went to the Ross river for a couple of hours and Dot and Yip and I went for swim, it was a load of fun. Had the last visit from the Physiotherapist on Friday and she said I am going great and won't need to see her again, so I am pleased with that.

     We have had a little maintenance work done of the Bus, a service on the Jimny and only waiting for Thursday for my appointment at the Hospital for my final check-up and we are taking off for the west that afternoon, so will catch up later.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

1st to 17th November Townsville Post Op.

     Gidday, it's the 17th today and that many days since my knee operation. All going really well getting around fairly easily on crutches and without them, had my first check-up at the hospital  on Thursday 14th and surgeon and every one up there is telling me I am going great guns, keep up the good work, so  just a matter of keeping up the exercises every day and just waiting here in Townsville until my final check-up on the 28th, then we will be heading back out to Kooroorinya and peace and quiet.
Hey Dot! whats in here?, This Townsville place is pretty strange eh!

  Haven't been doing much of interest, Yip and Dot have been keeping me entertained and Jim has been looking after me well.

Taking it easy until I feel I'm ready to go up and onwards.

     Catch Ya soon

Thursday, October 31, 2013

25th to 31st October Townsville waiting!!

     Another month gone! boy time travels really fast when you are having fun.
Just chilling out this week, D-day tomorrow, knee operation time 7am Friday.

So-o-o, this is the sea!!

Jim took me for a couple of touristy drives, one was to Rowes bay, here in Townsville. We took Yip to the beach for her first look at the ocean. The beach side is really nice, they know how to present a beach side around these parts, nice and clean  and the gardens and foreshore  was pretty. Yip wasn't fazed at all, even though there were people and noise of all types, we took her to the waters edge and she checked it all out, not a worry for this country bumpkin Dingo, takes all things in her stride.
   Also took  a look at the Ross Dam. it is absolutely Huge, more like an inland sea than a dam, it is so big. We climbed up the stairs to the rim to have a look, this photo with Jim shows only a small part of it.
        Well, after the climb up all the stairs which gave my knees a good workout we backtracked down stream to this neat park and boat ramp. There are a lot of lily's in the water, blue and white, pretty!! Dot went in for swim and Yip decided that what was good for Dot must be O.K for her and tried it out. It was the first time she gone swimming voluntarily

         The Ross river is only about 8km from Townsville and must be a popular place for the locals and visitors alike, I know I was pretty impressed, this park we were at is actually the boat ramp and we had a boat come up the river while we were there. After much swimming and playing  we had a relax then went back to the van park for a late breakfast.

Thursday 31st.
     That's all for now. May be off the air for a while as the big operation day tomorrow. All good.

      Catch you in November.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

1st to 24th October (To Townsville)

                                             Back in the land of Internet.


     Here are a few photos that I couldn't download before, from last month.

    This is an early morning photo of Towerhill creek which is the name of the creek at Kooroorinya falls nature reserve that are care taking for.

                                                                          And our little Dingo pup "Yip",  who is going really well. She has been with us for about 6 weeks now, she is putting on the weight and condition. We took her to a vet for a check-up on 24th October is now weighing 7.3Kg, checked out all healthy.


This photo is taken in the garden at Kooroorinya on 13th October, as you will agree, a different dog almost.

3rd October
      On my way to Townsville this morning, left Kooroorinya about 8am expect to be in Townsville by about 2pm, am staying at the Red Cross centre at the hospital tonight and going for my pre- admission appointment tomorrow, readying myself for my 2 knee replacements. Drove myself in the Jimny and I have decided that the road between Prairie and Charters Towers is the longest 200 odd km of road there is, it is a never endingly straight and boring drive, almost 400km from Kooroorinya to Townsville and it took me 6 hours, but I had and hour stop over in Charters Towers.

5th October
     Driving back to base camp today, left Townsville 7am, should be back about lunch time.  All good with my pre-admission appointment and booked in for the operation on 25th October.
      Big party at Kooroorinya tonight, 3 local kids having their 21st birthday party here, expecting 300 people, a lot of them will camping overnight and coming from far and wide.

6th October
     Wonderful get together last night, they really know how put on a party out here in the west, 2 pigs, 2 sheep, salads galore, plenty to drink and eat and lot's left over, even though there were about 250-270 party goers. Every one seemed to have a great time and no trouble of any sort. There are a few hangovers to cure today.

My three puppies.

Yip at the back, Dot and Dash.
     As I mentioned ,we are going to re home Dash when we go to Townsville on the 22nd, it will be the hardest thing we have ever had to do, but for Dash's sake we think it will be the best. It's no life having to sedate her every time we need travel. so, Dash, we love you.

18th October
     Jim took a trip into Hughenden today to grab a couple of things and to call into Prairie Pub on his way home to let them know what we are up to. On the way home he managed to NOT miss a kangaroo!!, fortunately, only minor damage to the car and he was not hurt. Will be an insurance job when we get to Townsville.

Going on-  we have organised a couple to relieve us while we are in Townsville from the 22nd October, we are departing in the bus on Tuesday to make sure we have everything ready by Friday.

22nd October
     Arrived Townsville about 3pm and turned our mobile phone on to find a message from the hospital that my Op. has been cancelled. Re-scheduled for the Friday after on the 1st November.
So, we have a week extra wait, never mind, we have plenty to keep us busy and will just take it easy here at the Range Caravan park on Hervey Range Road. I can recommend the park to any one who needs a park in Townsville, it is very quiet and tidy.

24th October
     All is well. Have done some shopping, confirmed my op. date and organised to get the car to the smash repair in a week or so. In the mean time I will maybe do a bit of touristy stuff (or not) and just hang about until Friday 1st when it will all be on.
     Catch up later, chow.

Monday, September 30, 2013

21st to 29th Still at Kooroorinya

A bit of news to tell.
     Have, at last, got an appointment date to have my knee operation. I am heading for Townsville on Thursday 3rd October for a pre-admission appointment on Friday 4th then the actual operation date is 25th October. So, a few changes to our plans, we will taking the bus down to Townsville a couple days before the Operation date and spending as long as needed 'til I am up and running (running? maybe!!) again, then we intend to come back to Kooroorinya for another couple of months maybe and continue our travels when we are ready. Hopefully we will only be away 'til mid to end of November.
    Had a visitor one evening in the way of a black headed python on the lawn while we  where enjoying a night cap. It appeared out of the darkness into the porch light and Yip was looking kinda apprehensively at something which turned out to be the snake, about one and a half metres long, pretty inoffensive really, a good example of it's species Jim reckoned, when we where sure that it was a harmless species we just moved it into the garden and out of the section area.
     Yip is doing marvellously, at this stage we have had her for just on three weeks and she answers to her name, comes to a whistle, leads on a leash like she has done it all her life sits before taking food of any kind, either out of our hand or in a bowl. Has put on a lot of weight and is actually gaining some muscle tone, so, yeah going really strong. Still not keen on strangers or anything different from what we have here when we are at home by ourselves but is getting better, each time we have visitors I bring her out to socialise her and each time is an improvement on the last.
Some bad news I'm afraid. We have to re home Dash!!!! The last couple of trips in the bus and/or the car she has developed an hysterical dislike to vehicle travel, just uncontrollable and wanting to get under the seat or anywhere but in the car. We have tried some tranquilisers which we got from a Vet, but have decided that this is not a good solution for Dash seeing as we will be doing a lot more travelling yet. It is not an easy decision to make and will hurt like hell, but we want to do the best for Dash, so we will re home her with a new family that doesn't need to take her in a car.

Another month all but gone, keep on keeping on and I'll catch up next month.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

6th to 20th Kooroorinya nature reserve camping

Saturday 14th
    Not much been happening up 'til now so here I go with some more to tell.
 This morning I went for a walk as usual and found something I had heard about but up until today had not seen. In the bottom of Towerhill creek, which is only sand, dry as, I spied a couple of holes in the sand, they had been dug by kangaroo's looking for water. Pretty impressive as they were about 2 foot deep and about 18 inches round and at the bottom was a small puddle of very clean water. So, now I know how the Roo's survive in this harsh drought time, even though there is water in the creek at various billabongs, there was none at this point of the river bed.
                                                                        Here Dash is checking out the hole dug by the Kangaroo's

On getting back to the camp Jim says he either saw a fox or a dingo pup at the boundary gate, but by the time he got there it had disappeared. Well, I made us a coffee and were enjoying this when Dot and Dash went after something in the garden which made a noise as they got to it and we thought whatever it was, the dogs had it. As we got to where they were, we discovered that it was in fact a dingo pup, in a pretty bad state too, as skinny as anything I have ever seen that was still walking around, the little bugga was skin and bones, hiding under a small tree yipping at Dot and Dash as if it was ten feet tall and indestructible. We managed to coax it out to eat some tinned dog food and she drank plenty of water, must have been very dehydrated. It had a look around as we watched her, even came inside the house, then she decided she had seen enough and took off across the paddock too fast for us to catch her and disappeared again, much to my disappointment. Jim reckons she will be back when she gets hungry again. I hope so and I will hang on to her this time as I have already decided on a name for her. Oh well, have to wait and see, better get on with the rest of the day.

this is Yip on the very first day she arrived to stay with us  and accepting food and water from me in the yard at Kooroorinya, before she disappeared out the gate down the paddock.

Monday 16th
     During the night the Dingo pup came back!! Jim awoke about eleven pm to her whining at the door, he brought her into me and she seemed to recognise me as a food source as she started to lick my lips for something to eat. I gave her a feed and some water with a little milk in it and she ate the lot. I put her in the bathroom on a shirt of Jim's and she fell asleep on it in a very short time, so I went back to bed as well. By the way I have named her "yip" cause she yipped madly at Dot and Dash when they first found her.
     In the morning we spent a lot of time with her and are amazed by how she has taken to being with us, I am keeping her on a lead at all times as she is pretty jumpy of any noise or sudden movement or other people around a would bolt if given the chance. We are going to give her a feed every 3 or 4 hours for a couple of weeks to get some condition on her, she is so-o-o skinny you can see all the bones in her body. We reckon the powers that be (what ever that is) has sent her to dingo Jim and me to look after her for the rest of her life, which we will do with very much pleasure.
     We have a bloke and his young son camping here and they came to have a look at a fair dink um Dingo pup and she doesn't seem to mind being handled by the young Lad.
     We have had a few campers in since this and Yip is not very keen on other people at all, or their vehicles, but she will get better as time goes by.

     That's the news for now, We'll have our work cut out for us in training her I guess, but we have done it before and know what is in store in training a Dingo, very much different to a domestic dog, but all the more satisfying with the challenge.

Friday 20th
     Jim has gone shopping in Hughenden today so I have the day to myself. Spent a lot of time with Yip, she is coming along in leaps and bounds, putting on weight already and really smart. Dot and Dash are grudgingly accepting her but keeping her at a distance, have had a few moments of play together but under tolerance, hopefully they will soon accept her completely.
     Still enjoying being caretakers of the kooroorinya camping area, having a ball as is our usual habit of late. Catch ya when I blog again soon.

Sunday, September 15, 2013

1st to 5th Sept. Prairie and kooroorinya

     First day of another month and Fathers day to boot, Happy fathers day to all the Dads.
Monday 2nd
     In Prairie still for today only. While we were in Kooroorinya last week we heard that the caretaker was pulling the pin and we threw our hats in for the job and got it!! So today I went into Hughenden again to stock up on provisions and drinks etc to last us a bit longer than usual. We have committed ourselves to the job for 2 months for a start and we will see what eventuates after that. We have use of the caretakers cottage, it is quite nice and the lawn around the donga is nice and green and there is a pretty garden that I can work on (or not if I choose) Not much to the job really, clean the amenities when needed, mow the lawn (when it rains and the lawn grows!!) and answer the phone and any questions the punters (campers) may have. It is really quiet at present as there isn't much water in the creek and the camp site is a bit out of the way from the norm. So that's the plan for the next couple of months, taking it easy as usual.
     Won't be posting much for a while so will catch up when something interesting happens.

Thursday 5th
     All good, very quiet as I thought it would be and not much really to relate to you except a funny story about Dot and Dash this morning. Taking our usual early walk, they, on the lookout for chase material and a bit ahead of me. Much ado and barking, what have they cornered, on catching up with them they had an Echidna cornered under some scrub and didn't know what to do with it as it kept biting back with it's quill's, it had gone to ground in a ball and they were trying to dig it out, without success. I managed to make them leave it alone unharmed, but what an experience for them, Dash had blood on her nose from the quill's but Dot was fine. So, that's the excitement for today.
     That's all for now, next post when I get around to it. Chow for now.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Richmond to Prairie 22nd to 31st Aug

      Saturday 24th August,

    We have been in Richmond since Wednesday 21st, generally having a quiet time.. This replica of a Kronosaurus Dinosaur is on display outside the Information centre which is where we first went to find out what Richmond has to offer, thought it might like a look at my couple of dogasauruses!!. The info centre is called Kronosaurus Korner and has a huge display of Fossils from around the area.


     I took a bit of time having a walk around the little town and was impressed with the gardens and how tidy the place is. There are some lovely old buildings in the town and this is one of them, the Federal Palace Hotel, amongst other quaint shops and the lovely gardens, there were bougainvillea, roses and hibiscus, to name a few and they were in full flower which I thought was pretty impressive in all this dry country side.

     There are Kangaroos by the dozen in the paddocks around where we are camped and Dot and Dash thought they were in "Doggy chase Roo", heaven, but they backed off a little with really big ones, 'specially when one jumped clean over Dot, gave her a bit of a start and wasn't sure which way to go, chase it? or leave it go?, she decided on the latter, didn't stop them from keeping an alert eye out from the safety of camp and they had a ball chasing the smaller ones, when I let them.

We had a neat time in Richmond but all good things must end, eventually. We  headed off again this morning for Hughenden. Had a rest stop for morning tea about 11am, I caught sight of some more Emus on the roadside, a couple of them minding their own business. The road travelled along side the rail track for some time and a Train travelling in the opposite direction gave me a cheap thrill when we got a big wave and a long sound of the horn as we passed, (only in the outback?).


     We arrived in Hughenden around lunchtime and found the local free camp to spend the night. The camp site is not much, just a dust bowl and no rubbish tins or anything.
     Went for a walk with dogs to the Flinders River, dry like all the creeks and rivers around here, as you can see in the photo. The Flinders river  is Queensland's longest, extending 840 km and this is only a small part of it for sure.
      We decided Hughenden didn't have much going for it, only stayed for the night

                Sunday 25th
     We got a late start from Hughenden, travelling 44km arriving in Prairie at about 11am where we found the Pub still closed. The Proprietor said hello and were we looking for somewhere to camp? upon confirmation of this fact he said "the camp ground is around the back and the gate is open, Jim could be in charge of the camp as we were first here!! ( ha ha how easy is it to be boss?) and when we had set up we should come have a drink". So this is what we did.
     This is the Pub Terrace, it is full of Memorabilia from days gone by, it is an Original Nostalgic Queensland Pub. The dining room is something to be seen, a really nostalgic setting with chandeliers and big old furniture, it took my fancy that's for sure, I loved it.

    The camp site out back is a small paddock fenced off from the rest of the countryside, the whole area is full of old machinery, the front of the pub has old horse saddles on hitching rails from old days when horses were the only mode of travel. It is surely something to see.


     On the side of one of the walls of the pub is this Mural of Cobb and Co. Coaches. This area used to be the main horse change centre for the Cobb and Co. way back when!

     Went for a walk with the pups in the afternoon and discovered this nice park, the windmill is a 35 foot Comet, it is huge and a great landmark for the area I reckon.

There are all sorts of live stock here, a Buffalo, Alpaca, which belong to the pub as pets, also sheep, horses, cattle, dogs, chickens & roosters, and deer. We saw a red deer wandering along the highway, tame as anything.

We had a great evening at Prairie and found out about a Nature reserve 54 km south of here which we are going to go have a look at tomorrow.
       Monday 26th

     We are going to Kooroorinya Falls Nature Reserve this morning. There is a 2km horse racing track there and a camping area, bush style camping only $10 per night. The "Oakley Amateur Picnic Race Club" hold a race meeting there once a year and it is, by all accounts, a great weekend in May with 600 odd people attending, the rest of the year it is only a camping area with the falls being a pretty
sight when the creek is flowing. Unfortunately it isn't flowing now, but it's a sight to see anyway. Dot and Dash are standing on the edge of the canyon with the fall at the back, its pretty high up from here.

   This photo is from the top of the fall looking back over the camp ground, our bus is at the back in the middle.

     We had a glorious 4 nights here, only a couple of other campers each day. We spent our time eating, sleeping and having a drink in the afternoon and evening. On the last day, Thursday we had the place to ourselves which was probably just as well, as we found ourselves sitting under the star lit sky singing "Catch a falling Star" Ohhh!! way to go.

This is me beside a sign some-one put up, pointing out the places to go on race day, all good fun, our camp site was here, beside a fire place, I spent each evening cooking our meal on it.

    Friday 30th

     We were getting to a stage where we needed to replenish the larder and drinks, so have travelled back to Prairie today and I took Jimny into Hughenden to do the shopping, leaving Jim to look after Dot and Dash in the bus.
This is the pet Buffalo at the Prairie pub.

Spent another night here and will stay 'til the end of the month,-oh! that's tomorrow.

 Saturday 31st
     Another month gone by, have had a nice day here at Prairie today and not sure where we will head tomorrow, find out in the next instalment of "My Story".
       Having a ball, laughing a lot, taking care of each other. Life is full of love.
                                           See ya soon.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Cloncurry to Richmond. 9th to 21st August

Saturday 10th.

     Gidday, we are still at Wals camp in Cloncurry, just taking is easy. Today I visited the local information centre and museum which was a lot of fun, looking at all the old machinery and stuff they have here along with this neat steam tractor on the lawn. I had a nice morning with Dot and Dash.
     Jim spent the morning out with the owner of Wals Camp on his 4000 acre farm on the other side of town helping him feed out to the stock. He was pretty shocked to see the country so dry although the stock, so far, are still in pretty reasonable condition. He wants to take me out next time to take a few photo's which will probably be on Monday.  He went out again in the afternoon to help cut Gidgee branches down for the stock to eat as well, that is how rough it is out here, there is nothing for the stock to eat except what the farmer can give to them. I will find what its like when I go out on Monday.


     When we got to the camp area and set up yesterday we had a visit from this beautiful horse, gave him a carrot,
I hope he will be a regular visitor while we are here. Also had a visit from Wals dog, 'Gidgee" a lovable old chap which Dot and Dash wanted to eliminate at first, but I think they really like him.

We went out to the farm on Monday as planned, Jim to help out with the feed and I followed them in Jimny with the pups to get some photos. Man, it is really sad, I almost cried to see how dry it is, there is actually NOTHING TO EAT!!! for the stock

 This photo I took out of the car window, it shows nothing, really, like it is, at all, but it gives some impression of how dessicated the ground is, only dry dirt and a few scrubby looking half dead shrubs without any leaves at all.

 So, after a shocking look at the way people,(farmers especially) have to live out in the west, with so many years of drought, I guess it will rain someday and transform the land into a thing of beauty, but until then, I hope they survive this year and finally get some rain or they will be in deep sh---t. We are only visiting the area and quiet frankly I am glad I don't live here.

    Any way we went back to camp for a nice lunch and a restful afternoon on into the evening when this happened to the sky. Another great sunset to be seen.
      Nature is grand!!

On Tuesday I took the pups in the afternoon out to the Chinaman Creek Dam again to have a swim and called up to the lookout on the way back to take this photo of the Camp and the surrounding rugged countryside. Our bus is there somewhere! can you see it? 

Wednesday 14th.

     We had to get someone to have a look at the fridge and the only place is Mount Isa, so today we have an appointment at 10 am. Have left the trailer and Jimny at Wals camp and headed off in the bus, intend to be back in Cloncurry today.

     On the way, we saw some sights, the road was pretty good but passing the road trains is an experience, then we had to pull over completely and come to a stop  when this large load came toward us, it took up most of the road. No drama though, all was good and we carried on.

Some of the scenery was pretty spectacular as we travelled, it seemed to change all the time, rocky, flat, scrubby, few hilly mounds, no green at all and just plain rugged, as the photo shows.

     We stopped for a smoko break at Fountain Springs  rest area which is half way between Cloncurry and Mount Isa, then continued on our way, finally seeing in the distance, the smoke stacks of the mine site, they were easy to see some kilometres from the city and made a neat photo through the windscreen, you can just them in the distance.

Finally we got to the fridgie place, after some good navigating by me (Ha Ha).  They took a couple of hours to do what they had to do and we were finished. Having had enough for the day the only thing we wanted to do before getting on the road to Cloncurry was to have a look at the Black Rock Open Cut mine, just so I could say I had been there and done that.

It was something I never imagined I was very glad Jim took me to have a look. It is a huge hole in the middle of the mine workings which is accessible to the public, used for getting Copper ore out of the ground. The photo hardly gives  justice as to how huge it is.

So that was our trip to Mount Isa, we left about 1pm having not really wanting to be in a City at all, we did well and never got lost once. A couple of hours later we were back at camp in Cloncurry and took the rest of the day off.

                       Thursday 15th
We decided it was time to move on, heading for Julia Creek. We only got as far as Oorindi Rest area, 68 km from Cloncurry but settled down for the rest of the day and carried on to Julia Creek the next morning. Not much of anything at the rest area but a little oasis in the midst of all the brown.

On arriving at Julia Creek, fairly early in the morning, we found a Laundromat and did the wash, stocked up with a few provisions and coldies and went to the free park. It is on the banks of Julia creek which actually has water in it, it's brown and not very deep but the dogs enjoyed swimming in it. Julia Creek is on the Artesian basin and has no water shortages. The water comes from under ground and is hot, a novel experience for me to have hot water bubbling up from the ground in the middle of all this dry area.

This photo was what we saw while sitting in our camp chairs at sunset, very pretty.

    We spent 4 days here. I saw some more Emus on the skyline, man, they are funny, but majestic looking creatures, I tried to get closer, but by the time I got up to where they were, they had disappeared.

Very exciting all the same.

   Also there were a few Kangaroos and the pup's wanted go after them but I said No! too big for you!!.

So a lovely respite for a few days.

Couldn't resist this sunrise on our last morning here, taken over the water next to where we camped.

Tuesday 20th
     We continued our journey and set forth for Richmond about 150 km east. While provisioning again, we met up with folk that we had met in Mareeba, in July, the whip cracking and fire twirling crew. Funny how you run into people from places that we have been too.

     Then it was time to take off and I gave Jim a break from Driving for a change which gave me some much needed practise, it all went well. We took a side trip into a place called Nelia, 50km down the road. It is very tiny, only  3 or 4 houses and a little gallery of a photo display, they served Cappuccino, ice cream and other stuff (Thier words on the sign, not mine) and the old Post Office building which is no longer used, but it is a neat little place.

This Brolga statue is on the corner opposite the post office building, made of metal and machine parts.

We spent an hour or so there having breakfast.

 Jim took over the driving and we were once more on our way.

    We travelled as far as Maxwelton, there we stopped at a roadside rest stop for the night and experienced another great sunset.

Wednesday 21st
    We continued  to Richmond this morning and are camped in the local RV free park. It is very empty of anything but will spend a couple nights here and see the sights of Richmond.
'Till next blog, take care.
Chow for now. 


Tuesday, August 13, 2013

1st to 8th August Karumba to Cloncurry


The photo of the entrance sign into Karumba is pretty impressive, a nice way to be greeted into a town.
      We have been here since Monday 29th July, have had a great time although there isn't much in Karumba. It is known for it's great fishing but we never got a line wet. It is a town in 2 parts, the township which has the day to day needs of life, shops etc and Karumba point which is famous for the sunsets that can be seen from the shore. We stayed in Karumba township.

     I went on a sunset cruise on Thursday evening which was neat, prawns, wine, cheese and fruit platter all inclusive in the moderate fare of $45.00.

This is me on the way out to see the sunset, in the background is Karumba point and endless sea beyond there all the way to who knows where, it seemed to go forever.


While out on the Norman river sunset cruise we spotted this huge Salty crocodile, on the bank, just minding his own business, never gave a continental that I was there with about 30 other people on the boat taking photo's of it.

This is the sunset that I went to see, it was pretty neat.

     We had a ball at Karumba, spent one morning at the point, the tide was out that day, the pups had a play in the sea for only a short time,(didn't want them to become  

This pic shows us at the beach on Karumba point.

     On Friday 2nd we headed out of Karumba to Walkers creek, which is half way between Karumba and Normanton, where we stayed for 3 nights just hanging out and relaxing completely. On the way out from Karumba I took this photo of Brolga at a waterhole on the side of the road. Apparently these large birds are here along this stretch of road all the time and can number in their hundreds, I didn't see that many but there were surely a lot of them.

     On Sunday morning we discovered that the fridge wasn't working properly and decided we had better head to somewhere where we could get it looked at, therefore we headed for Normanton on Monday morning, but not before I took the pups for a walk down the creek for a look and a hunt for them, which turned out successful on their behalf and I took this photo of the creek, even though it is very dry, this section of it was pretty in the morning sun and the pups managed to have a quick swim.
In Normanton we found no fridgie to have a look at the fridge so we re provisioned the larder, filled the water tanks etc and took this great photo of 'Krys' the Savannah King.


    It is a replica of a Crocodile shot by a woman and is the largest estuarine Croc to have been shot in the world, measuring 8.63 m long. Pretty impressive to say the least.
 Dot reckoned that it was a bit of a mouthful!!

  We left Normanton about 1pm with the intention of spending a couple of nights at a rest stop called Bang Bang, in the middle of nowhere on the way to Cloncurry.
We found Bang Bang rest stop by 3pm and set up camp.

This sign was at the entrance to the rest area and I reckoned it was telling it like it was. there is definitely nothing out here but more dry dust and light scrubby bush. Way out Woop Woop alright!!

As you can see by our camp site, this is all there is here, but it is not a bad place to rest up on the way to Cloncurry. It's about halfway to Burke and Wills roadhouse from Normanton, which we will head for on Wednesday, and then carry on to Cloncurry as planned.

Wednesday 7th august we left Bang Bang rest area fairly early at 8am on our way to find a fridgie to have a look at our fridge. On the way  I was amazed to see all the Termite mounds that abound each side of the road,(not much else to see either) took this pic. through the bus window, they reminded me a never ending line of gravestones, which I thought was pretty fitting seeing as how dry and dead everything looks out here.

We stopped for breakfast at the Burke and Wills roadhouse, not much here either but had to prove I have been there by taking another photo. Ha Ha!!

     On the road again, the lo-o-ong straight road to Cloncurry, I had been on the lookout for an Emu or two and finally spied a couple roadside, passed them by without stopping, but great, I finally saw wild Emu Yay! Stopped at another rest area called Quamby, 46 km out of Cloncurry to make a few phone calls to book into a Van park and to have a smoko break. As we neared Cloncurry Jim pointed out these pyramid looking features on the horizon, (we're not in Egypt) as it turns out these rock formations are pretty common around here.

     Arrived at the Discovery caravan Park midday and settled in for a couple of nights, washing day tomorrow and all the chores to be done.

Thursday 8th.  We took a drive in Jimny out to the Chinamens Creek Dam this morning, the water is pretty low, but still looking good, plenty of Pelicans,  a couple blokes fishing, don't think they caught anything though and Dash went for a swim, Dot decided against it, didn't want to get her feet muddy, unlike me, I managed to get mucky.

     This is where we are at, at present, camped at Wals Camp. a bit out the back of town,  nice and quiet. Will be here for a few days I think.

     Catch Ya soon.