Sunday, June 12, 2016

19th May to 11th June NOT much happening

     Not much news since last I blogged except we took a quick visit to Bedford creek, a little north of Cardwell. Awaiting some parts for the trailer which the do-it bloke (who is also the chief pilot) will install when they arrive. In the mean time I am taking it real easy!!

Readying the crab pots 
Camp site at Bedford Creek
We had a ball when out at Bedford, it's a little known place beside the river which is a tributary of the Murray.  The photo right is of our campsite while there and the one on left is of the boss getting the crab pots ready to set.
      We would have liked to stay longer but the weather turned against us and we only had 3 days. Caught a Mud Crab that we cooked and ate while still warm, Mmmm -- not half bad!!
    There were bream about, but a lot of them were under-size. Had a nice meal though, I got a couple and our mate Gail caught more and a nice whiting as well.
     Had a glimpse of a small Crocodile on the first day while fishing, only about a foot long. On the second day Jim saw a larger one briefly when talking to a local who had come out to do some fishing but never caught anything. It was raining fairly heavy by then and we took shelter for most of the day. Dot and Yip are having a ball but must make sure they don't go near the water, don't want them turning into croc s*#t.
     The following day dawned wet. We left about midday to travel as far as Euromo, a small township south of Tully. Only thing there is a pub, post office and - funnily enough - a laundromat. Jim watched the state of Origin footy match at the pub this evening and next day I took the opportunity to wash and dry any wet towels etc. utilising the amenities of the laundromat. All is good.
      Driving back to Cardwell later in morning we are now camped up at Gails place for some time 'til the parts required arrive. Will decide what is next when all is done.
        Catch all later, when something interesting happens to tell.
      Cheers 'til then