Tuesday, July 5, 2016

11th June to start July - Mucking about in Cardwell

That's me at Bedford Creek
             Taking it easy.
   Mid June and winter has finally arrived, the temperature has dropped quite a bit, still having the odd showery day but mostly fine. Spend our days with a bit of fishing, bush walking, and catching up with odds and sods of jobs needing doing.
     A few pictures I have taken.
Casting the net for prawns
(never got any!)

Sunset through a bush fire
smoke haze at Cardwell
The bush fire wasn't a serious fire, only a small amount of scrub that was cleared.
The prawns were not very co-operative and I still haven't heard of anyone getting much of a catch. A few hardy souls are on the beach quite often, but haven't actually seen any fish caught.

Scenery at Stoney Creek

Just a pretty flowering bush
in the scrub at Cardwell


Stoney creek Cardwell
     The forestry here is in the process of cleaning up and have slashed the fire breaks which have made for some great tracks for the dogs and myself to walk. this one is along side Stoney Creek and is very pretty.

     July here already and the weather is beautiful now, cool overnight and warm and sunny during the day.  It is our intention to be around this area until the winter day's are over, making sure we don't get anywhere near too cold a place until it warms up again.
    Catch you then.