Friday, October 16, 2015

October 8th to 16th Lending a hand

          Thursday 8th
     We spent 10 days at Pallamana and now making our way to Richmond to Essex Downs. First a couple of photos I took at Pallamana after I last blogged.
Pallamana front gate

quiet stock at Pallamana
The first is the entrance to the station.

    The stock here is pretty quiet, these 2 were around the homestead a lot, along with some of the younger stock that had been fed here.
Dry country at Pallamana

     Then this one, a piece of the land on the station. So dry, but pretty in outback scenery terms.


     We left early and did a larder/fuel stock-up in Charters Towers, making Pentland by mid day where we stopped for a few minutes to catch up with John at the fruit/vegie stall. I purchased some more fresh goodies and one of his beautiful home made fruit cakes.
     We continued to Prairie where we camped behind the pub for the night.
          Friday 9th
Lo-o-ng Qld roads
     On the way to Hughenden this morning I couldn't help but take this photo through the windscreen of the bus , I had almost forgotten how long and straight the Queensland outback roads are.

Dry east of Hughenden
Or the dry country-side. there ain't much out here, but  a little grass to fed the stock at least.

Through Hughenden without stopping. About 40km west we pulled into a rest stop area to find we had a puncture. BUGGAR!! Well, change the wheel and continue to Richmond.
Essex Downs
     Lake Fred Triton was first stop on arrival, a swim for the pup's. Found Richmond Motors to get the tyre fixed, only the joint was closed for the day with the mechanic in Hughenden.
      Oh well,we will get that chore done later. Made our way south 40km to Essex Downs.
     The drive to the homestead is 6km of black soil track. All O.K. in the dry weather but apparently impassable when it rains. We found the homestead, a place to park and plug in to the power. The whole place is very run down, it's been vacant for some time and is in need of some TLC.

         Saturday 10th
Essex Downs homestead
     Finding our way around, Jim took a drive in the Jimny and I spent the morning checking out the surrounds of the homestead. This photo I took yesterday morning with our rig out front. It looks pretty in the morning light.

        Tuesday 13th
Looking west to the homestead
     The weather is warming!! reached 38 degrees today, a bit warm for me but handling it O.K.
     While out walking the pup's this morning I looked back to the homestead, couldn't actually see it. I wasn't that far away but the land doesn't have many features, easy to get lost!!
I make sure I keep to a defined track at all times.
          Wednesday 14th
     Drove in to Richmond this morning. Took pup's for a swim in the lake then did some shopping. Back at the station by lunch time. Very hot again and the wind is up.
         Friday 16th
     All is good. Taking it easy!
         Catch up when I next blog

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

1st to 6th October - New Challenges

     Tuesday 6th
     We made our way to Pallamana Station on Monday 28th September after restocking well in Charters Towers before leaving, arriving at the station by midday. The road in, is Home Harvest Road, the station is 31km along a very dusty gravel (or should I say bull dusty) road. We took our time Dilligaf with no problems except that everything is covered in dust and the Jimny is pink with bull dust (usually white). It's so very dry here, as is everywhere out this way.
     We had a warm welcome from the station owners who are flat out trying to save their lively-hood from the banks, it is a struggle that a lot of outback stations (and farmers of all types) are experiencing. We can only be as helpful as we can, to give these people a little bit of a break.
     Settling in we found out what is required of us. Jim will be kept busy feeding the stock with hay and pellets and making sure there is water for all, including the living areas. Me? I get to fed and water the dogs, of which there are 7, the sheep totalling 14 and 3 lambs, a couple of calves and 1 pig, try to keep the lawns green with sprinklers and some citrus trees too, all of which are looking a bit sad due to the heat and lack of regular water.

Yip meets working dog Remmie
      One of the dogs is a Maremma sheep dog called Remmie, who has fallen in love Yip, He comes to play with her and he should be out working. Here's a picture of them both.

    Pallamana station owners, John and Sally, have 2 other stations, one in Cape York and another south of Richmond.
The Richmond station, called Essex Downs, is in need of a caretaker - enter Jim and myself and Dot + Yip.
     We are going to make our way out there on Thursday 8th, about 350 something kilometres to Richmond from Charters Towers and another 50km to the station south of there. The road is sealed all the way and a black soil road in to the station.
     There is only a small number of stock on it, so won't be too much to handle - I don't think. Another challenge to look forward to.
     May not be any mobile or Internet so wait to see what happens and will catch up when I can.