Thursday, October 24, 2013

1st to 24th October (To Townsville)

                                             Back in the land of Internet.


     Here are a few photos that I couldn't download before, from last month.

    This is an early morning photo of Towerhill creek which is the name of the creek at Kooroorinya falls nature reserve that are care taking for.

                                                                          And our little Dingo pup "Yip",  who is going really well. She has been with us for about 6 weeks now, she is putting on the weight and condition. We took her to a vet for a check-up on 24th October is now weighing 7.3Kg, checked out all healthy.


This photo is taken in the garden at Kooroorinya on 13th October, as you will agree, a different dog almost.

3rd October
      On my way to Townsville this morning, left Kooroorinya about 8am expect to be in Townsville by about 2pm, am staying at the Red Cross centre at the hospital tonight and going for my pre- admission appointment tomorrow, readying myself for my 2 knee replacements. Drove myself in the Jimny and I have decided that the road between Prairie and Charters Towers is the longest 200 odd km of road there is, it is a never endingly straight and boring drive, almost 400km from Kooroorinya to Townsville and it took me 6 hours, but I had and hour stop over in Charters Towers.

5th October
     Driving back to base camp today, left Townsville 7am, should be back about lunch time.  All good with my pre-admission appointment and booked in for the operation on 25th October.
      Big party at Kooroorinya tonight, 3 local kids having their 21st birthday party here, expecting 300 people, a lot of them will camping overnight and coming from far and wide.

6th October
     Wonderful get together last night, they really know how put on a party out here in the west, 2 pigs, 2 sheep, salads galore, plenty to drink and eat and lot's left over, even though there were about 250-270 party goers. Every one seemed to have a great time and no trouble of any sort. There are a few hangovers to cure today.

My three puppies.

Yip at the back, Dot and Dash.
     As I mentioned ,we are going to re home Dash when we go to Townsville on the 22nd, it will be the hardest thing we have ever had to do, but for Dash's sake we think it will be the best. It's no life having to sedate her every time we need travel. so, Dash, we love you.

18th October
     Jim took a trip into Hughenden today to grab a couple of things and to call into Prairie Pub on his way home to let them know what we are up to. On the way home he managed to NOT miss a kangaroo!!, fortunately, only minor damage to the car and he was not hurt. Will be an insurance job when we get to Townsville.

Going on-  we have organised a couple to relieve us while we are in Townsville from the 22nd October, we are departing in the bus on Tuesday to make sure we have everything ready by Friday.

22nd October
     Arrived Townsville about 3pm and turned our mobile phone on to find a message from the hospital that my Op. has been cancelled. Re-scheduled for the Friday after on the 1st November.
So, we have a week extra wait, never mind, we have plenty to keep us busy and will just take it easy here at the Range Caravan park on Hervey Range Road. I can recommend the park to any one who needs a park in Townsville, it is very quiet and tidy.

24th October
     All is well. Have done some shopping, confirmed my op. date and organised to get the car to the smash repair in a week or so. In the mean time I will maybe do a bit of touristy stuff (or not) and just hang about until Friday 1st when it will all be on.
     Catch up later, chow.