Thursday, October 31, 2013

25th to 31st October Townsville waiting!!

     Another month gone! boy time travels really fast when you are having fun.
Just chilling out this week, D-day tomorrow, knee operation time 7am Friday.

So-o-o, this is the sea!!

Jim took me for a couple of touristy drives, one was to Rowes bay, here in Townsville. We took Yip to the beach for her first look at the ocean. The beach side is really nice, they know how to present a beach side around these parts, nice and clean  and the gardens and foreshore  was pretty. Yip wasn't fazed at all, even though there were people and noise of all types, we took her to the waters edge and she checked it all out, not a worry for this country bumpkin Dingo, takes all things in her stride.
   Also took  a look at the Ross Dam. it is absolutely Huge, more like an inland sea than a dam, it is so big. We climbed up the stairs to the rim to have a look, this photo with Jim shows only a small part of it.
        Well, after the climb up all the stairs which gave my knees a good workout we backtracked down stream to this neat park and boat ramp. There are a lot of lily's in the water, blue and white, pretty!! Dot went in for swim and Yip decided that what was good for Dot must be O.K for her and tried it out. It was the first time she gone swimming voluntarily

         The Ross river is only about 8km from Townsville and must be a popular place for the locals and visitors alike, I know I was pretty impressed, this park we were at is actually the boat ramp and we had a boat come up the river while we were there. After much swimming and playing  we had a relax then went back to the van park for a late breakfast.

Thursday 31st.
     That's all for now. May be off the air for a while as the big operation day tomorrow. All good.

      Catch you in November.