Sunday, September 15, 2013

1st to 5th Sept. Prairie and kooroorinya

     First day of another month and Fathers day to boot, Happy fathers day to all the Dads.
Monday 2nd
     In Prairie still for today only. While we were in Kooroorinya last week we heard that the caretaker was pulling the pin and we threw our hats in for the job and got it!! So today I went into Hughenden again to stock up on provisions and drinks etc to last us a bit longer than usual. We have committed ourselves to the job for 2 months for a start and we will see what eventuates after that. We have use of the caretakers cottage, it is quite nice and the lawn around the donga is nice and green and there is a pretty garden that I can work on (or not if I choose) Not much to the job really, clean the amenities when needed, mow the lawn (when it rains and the lawn grows!!) and answer the phone and any questions the punters (campers) may have. It is really quiet at present as there isn't much water in the creek and the camp site is a bit out of the way from the norm. So that's the plan for the next couple of months, taking it easy as usual.
     Won't be posting much for a while so will catch up when something interesting happens.

Thursday 5th
     All good, very quiet as I thought it would be and not much really to relate to you except a funny story about Dot and Dash this morning. Taking our usual early walk, they, on the lookout for chase material and a bit ahead of me. Much ado and barking, what have they cornered, on catching up with them they had an Echidna cornered under some scrub and didn't know what to do with it as it kept biting back with it's quill's, it had gone to ground in a ball and they were trying to dig it out, without success. I managed to make them leave it alone unharmed, but what an experience for them, Dash had blood on her nose from the quill's but Dot was fine. So, that's the excitement for today.
     That's all for now, next post when I get around to it. Chow for now.