Monday, June 30, 2014

Ross River Resort 7th June to 31st June

Monday 9th

Look Dot, a boy, can we go play?
     Had a great experience this morning while walking Dot and Yip. Standing in the little bit of sun I found ( trying to get warm) when the pup's alerted me to something behind me, I looked back to see a dingo, (looks just like Yip) It is a wild one!! a male, just a few feet from us. Well - I sat down on the edge of the road to see how close it would come to me, it seemed to be looking for a mate, maybe. Yip was going a bit crazy with excitement wanting to play with him and Dot wanted to growl and scare it away.
This is the wild dingo,
sitting only about a metre from us

     We spent maybe half an hour just watching, he wasn't afraid of us at all and came pretty close and didn't seem to be overly cautious, just relaxing beside us for a while. Actually I don't think really gave a sh#*t about me being there, as this picture shows.

Eventually I thought I better head back, He followed us, playing in front of us at times and just wanting to be with Yip and Dot it seemed. I was amazed at how much like Yip he looked, he being only slightly bigger with a lighter muzzle.
     When I got back to camp I thought he would shy off, but no, he came all the way to the bus with us. He hung around for 4 days, we have named him Dusty.

"dusty" the wild dingo
Finally he found that he wasn't going to get his way with either of our girls and hopefully will find himself a mate in the wild. What a great experience that was, at no time was I concerned that he would attack me or the pups or anything else in the camp area at any time.
     While in the camp ground he became quite an attraction for all to see and his photo was taken over and over again.

     One of life's greater occasions for me.

Tuesday 10th
     Found this odd plant this morning.
It is a cute purple flowering weed which there are plenty of here, only this one is covered in the fluff from the water reeds in the river bed. (I used to call them bull rushes when I was a kid)

Makes for an unusual and very pretty plant.

Thursday 12th
Alice Springs
     We all went into Alice Springs today, shopping and touring. This photo is taken from a hill called Anzac Hill with 360 degree views of the town.

This is one direction, with the MacDonnell Range in the background

Friday 13th to end of June
     We are going to be spending some time here at the Ross River Resort, so to save from repeating myself or something, I'll not be blogging much, unless something crops that is more interesting than simple every day camp life.

     'Til next I blog, chow for now.

Ross River Resort 1st to 6th June

Sunday 1st June
     What a beautiful place the MacDonnell Range and Ross River Resort is. We have been here only a week and have seen so many different types of hill and rocks and plants everywhere we go. Not a lot of animal life but plenty of birds.
     I have put all these photo's in to show how different it is here.
This is the Sphinx
Can you see it?
Over hang rock Note the huge
boulders on right that fell
out of the cliff

Furrow mountain maybe?

One Tree Rock or what!
The Great Wall of China
(Australia's version)
Peep holes in the Wall of China
Piled up like Pancakes

The Pup's and me at the start
of the Wall of 'China
The Great Wall of China makes
the Jimny look tiny
These were all taken when we went for a drive out the back of the resort property which is not accessible to every-one. Makes me feel kind of special and privileged to have seen and photographed it. Some of the formations have been given names as I put on the photo's. There were so many fantastic formations once again my camera went into overload almost.
     We had happy few hours 4x4 driving, following any track that bobbed up. Had a ball and made it back to camp safe and sound.

Monday 2nd
     Jim had to go Alice Springs today do some business. We have been kept busy doing a bit of work around the camp area and Jim doing maintenance of chain saw's and other small machines etc.

     Here is another  great sunset for you, gee! it's tough when you have to look at such things from the comfort of your camp chair.

Wednesday 4th
     Before taking our walk, Dot and Yip were having fun outside the bus.

     After that I introduced Yip to the piglets down at the Homestead. I don't think she knew what to make of them and thought they were a bit strange to start.

Yes Yip! they call them pigs
 Dot wanted to have them for dinner!! Oh!

Friday 6th
     Thought I would try out my climbing ability again and shot up the hill behind camp to take this photo.

     This is the Ross River with the MacDonnell Range in the background.
Good stuff eh?

Sunday, June 29, 2014

Ross River Resort 27th to 31st May

Tuesday 27th May
     Awoke to a glorious day. Took the puppies for a walk, sunrise doesn't appear until nearly 7am, a bit cool but really nice. Jim went to the homestead last night to have a look around and to sus the place out with who's who and that sort of thing. Someone told him that if you pay for 5 nights you get stay a week, I said "did you pay the extra?" Nah! - He wanted to check with me first. I reckon I could spend some time here without a problem, so I went to the office this morning and paid for another couple of days which gives a week here to start. you beauty.   
This photo is of the cliff face behind the camping area. Pretty neat eh?
They have discovered that Jim is a small motors mechanic and it is like "you are not going anywhere! we could use a guy like you if you have some time to spare" So we have agreed to stay a while as Jim does some work around the place for them.

Jim has changed the wheel on the trailer and I spent a lot of time just looking around. it is a fascinating place and the range and rock formations etc are astounding, I haven't seen anything like it before. A great day had by all. The evening bought out the special highlights on the area with these couple of photo's to show you, the first one on the left, I took while walking with Yip and Dot down the road to N'Dahla Gorge by the
 river crossing, which looks pretty deep. The next one while sitting in my camp chair watching the ever changing spectacle.
       We had a great day

Wednesday 28th
     WOW!! this place is nice. Had a restful morning and Jim decided we would take a drive. We went to N'Dahla Gorge. It as an 11km drive.(4x4 only - lucky us, we have the Jimny)  The road is pretty corrugated and rough. First up is the water crossing over the Ross river where I was last night. The river isn't flowing at the moment but there is seepage which keeps the river going. It wasn't too deep and we had been told to keep to the left, there wasn't a problem. We took it nice and slow. There is plenty to look at on the way. There were 3 water crossings and the first was the deepest, the rest were a breeze.
     The cliffs and rocks and everything are so unreal, I couldn't stop the camera. It is all too fantastic, as you will see in the photo's I have put together for you to have a gander at.
These hills look like a sideway

Having a rest at the head of the gorge
Looks like the Sydney Opera House
maybe they got the idea from here!!

Dry Ross River with mound hill at back
I hope you can see what we saw. At the end of the gorge there is a walking track of 1+1/2 km which has some Aboriginal sculptures and paintings, but we didn't feel up to the trek so didn't get to see them.
     We got back to camp after about 3 hours of looking aground and took the rest of the day off. A happy day!.
Thursday 29th
     Shopping day for me today. I drove into Alice Springs in the Jimny and spent the day catching up on the things I missed on Monday. Waited until 2pm to purchase the necessary drinks, still a problem!, can't buy fortified wine until 6pm - WHAT!! - sorry Jim, I'm not waiting around that long. A funny thing at the bottle shops - outside them all is a member of the police force making sure every-one knows the laws of N.T.  alcohol purchases and consuming. There you go, must do the job right. I drove back to camp after getting what I could. I had a nice day.
Friday 30th and Saturday 31st
 Spent these couple of days at the camp area just having a good look around. Woke on Friday morning to this great sunrise.
     Later in the afternoon while walking Dot and Yip I decided to climb the hill behind the camp area. Quite a steep track up and very shaley type of ground making the descent very hazardous for me, had to make sure that Yip didn't pull me down too fast. I made it back to camp safely.
The view was great and not to be missed. I'm glad I made the effort to get to the top.
      That's the month of May gone. Catch you in the next instalment in June.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Alice Springs and Ross River Resort - 26th May

Monday 26th may

     This is the view of the MacDonnell Range as we departed the Tropic of Capricorn this morning, where we are headed, eventually, to the Ross River Resort, 85km east of Alice Springs
which is a bush style camp, sounds nice.

     We stopped off in Alice springs to replenish he larder and fuel etc. but had a small problem with the drinks department, with the Aboriginal drinking problem, you can't buy take-away alcohol until after 2pm, bummer!!, it's only 11.30am, never mind, we will look after our non reflective brothers of Australia and come back next week to purchase our drinks, we have some to keep us going for now. We left the shopping centre after this wondrous news and finally found our way to the Ross Highway, the path to the camping area.
     We stopped for a while at Emily Gap, (picture on the left) which is a gap in the MacDonnell Range with cultural significance to the local Aboriginal People with some art work to be seen. We spent a few minutes checking our email on the Internet as there won't be any coverage at the resort, no mobile phone either.(Buggar!! out of reach again)
     Onward we went, the road is good but we managed to sustain a blowout on the trailer, (S#&t!!) Oh well, get out and change the wheel. Problem !! can't undo one of the wheel nuts!!, thank goodness for Jim's ingenuity, he managed to rig the wheel so that we could continue without ruining the wheel completely.
     We travelled the next 30-odd km at about 20km an hour, stopping to admire the scenery at one stage with this beautiful sight of the MacDonnell Range, the hills and rock formations are something to be seen so far and looking forward to seeing more when we get to where we are going.

     Finally we arrived at the Resort about 2pm. The manager very nicely pointed out that we had a flat! very considerate of him, but he seemed more concerned about the flat than we were, He took us inside for beer, very much appreciated too!!

     After enjoying a nice cool beer and a chat and paying for 3 nights accommodation at the camp area, we made our way to the site and set up camp. Another day tomorrow when we will worry about fixing the wheel on the trailer and sort out what we are going to do from here.
      When taking Yip and Dot for a walk, this photo opportunity of our rig on the first day here presented itself and I couldn't help it. I think I am going to enjoy the East MacDonnell Range, lot's to see.
     Catch you later.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Aileron and the Tropic of Capricorn 24th + 25th May

Saturday 24th May
     We left Ti Tree this morning and drove a little way down the Stuart Highway as far as Aileron. A tiny place without much there except for the road house and camp ground.  This Statue of  the Giant Anmatjere Man is on the hill behind the road house. It is MASSIVE!! standing maybe 60 feet, it can be seen from some distance before you get to Aileron. An art gallery full of Aboriginal art is for sale is here also for all the budding artists and tourists who have money to spend.

A quirky little place in the middle of nowhere with a great sense of humour and friendship. There is also a giant woman and child at the entrance to the roadhouse and a statue of a couple of Goanna, a man and a girl goanna (the girl has a bikini on) called the desert mermaid and her lover outside the door of the roadhouse. Inside the bar area is this sign to tell the way to the lavatory, Ha! who would have guessed eh?
     Anyway we spent a very entertaining night at Aileron, with a great nights sleep as well.

Sunday 25th May
     After a neat day at Aileron we continued on our way to the Tropic of Capricorn, only 30km north of Alice Springs which is where we are heading - when we get there.

     The Tropic of Capricorn is the line between warm and cold (apparently) being that, on the north side it is warmer than the southern side. (I don't really know!!) but we camped here for the night and in the morning took this neat photo of the monument and another of the sun coming up, beautiful.

     That's a small piece of our journey and we have a great time coming up next which I will regale you with when next I have Internet connection.