Friday, March 25, 2016

March 1st to 25th Essex - Richmond

     There has been a bit more rain this month, only small amounts so far, but the station is looking green and lush.
2nd day in March at Essex Downs
     One of the beautiful aspects of the outback is the ever changing sun rises and sun sets such as this one which dawned on the 2nd day of March.
Day 6 Pretty wet at Essex Downs
     We have been happily passing the time taking it easy still. The weather has had another change and on the 6th we had a good down pour, making the place pretty soggy as this picture shows and we are in for some more rain yet.
Day 9 Massive Storm front but no rain
at Essex Downs

 3 days later a massive storm front went around us, didn't bring any more rain at this stage but it was very impressive to see, thunder and lightening. I took this photo with the cloths line in the way but it still looks awesome.

Must have been the original
homestead at Essex - Whens dinner
     This old cottage is east of the homestead and I think it may have been the original homestead when the station was just the beginning of some ones life. Funny!, the gas stove out front is still looking in good condition, unfortunately the weather has had a good time with the cottage, not a lot left of it.
     We have had good rain for the land holders in the outback with about 200 mm since the beginning of the year, combine that with the rain late last year and the grass is looking good. All that is needed at Essex Downs now is some stock to eat it. The owners are hoping to get that organized as soon as they can.

Departing Essex Downs
    Monday 21st saw us depart Essex downs, after 6 months, to make our way in to Richmond where we will spend a couple of weeks at the Van park overlooking the lake. Our stay at the station has been an experience for us both but now it is time to continue our adventures on the road.
Lake Fred Triton - Richmond

 Richmond is a friendly little town, has all that is required, 2 pubs, 2 supermarkets, butcher, cafe, hardware, etc, etc.
     The locals are a nice bunch and the view from our camp site is great looking over the lake.

Moon-rise over Lake Fred Triton - Richmond
Took this picture late one evening of the moon rising over the lake, the colours are fantastic.

Flinders river at Richmond
    The Flinders river is only a little from town, it is dry most of the time I believe but after the recent rain it is flowing.
     This photo is at what is called the "Flinders river top crossing".  the water is flowing steadily west, very muddy as yet. The bridge that I took this from was probably - maybe 10 metres? - under water when it was in full flood.
     We will be heading east when we are ready to leave Richmond.
                No plan - No timetable - No hurry!! Life is great.