Monday, September 30, 2013

21st to 29th Still at Kooroorinya

A bit of news to tell.
     Have, at last, got an appointment date to have my knee operation. I am heading for Townsville on Thursday 3rd October for a pre-admission appointment on Friday 4th then the actual operation date is 25th October. So, a few changes to our plans, we will taking the bus down to Townsville a couple days before the Operation date and spending as long as needed 'til I am up and running (running? maybe!!) again, then we intend to come back to Kooroorinya for another couple of months maybe and continue our travels when we are ready. Hopefully we will only be away 'til mid to end of November.
    Had a visitor one evening in the way of a black headed python on the lawn while we  where enjoying a night cap. It appeared out of the darkness into the porch light and Yip was looking kinda apprehensively at something which turned out to be the snake, about one and a half metres long, pretty inoffensive really, a good example of it's species Jim reckoned, when we where sure that it was a harmless species we just moved it into the garden and out of the section area.
     Yip is doing marvellously, at this stage we have had her for just on three weeks and she answers to her name, comes to a whistle, leads on a leash like she has done it all her life sits before taking food of any kind, either out of our hand or in a bowl. Has put on a lot of weight and is actually gaining some muscle tone, so, yeah going really strong. Still not keen on strangers or anything different from what we have here when we are at home by ourselves but is getting better, each time we have visitors I bring her out to socialise her and each time is an improvement on the last.
Some bad news I'm afraid. We have to re home Dash!!!! The last couple of trips in the bus and/or the car she has developed an hysterical dislike to vehicle travel, just uncontrollable and wanting to get under the seat or anywhere but in the car. We have tried some tranquilisers which we got from a Vet, but have decided that this is not a good solution for Dash seeing as we will be doing a lot more travelling yet. It is not an easy decision to make and will hurt like hell, but we want to do the best for Dash, so we will re home her with a new family that doesn't need to take her in a car.

Another month all but gone, keep on keeping on and I'll catch up next month.