Friday, October 14, 2016

Moving On again 1st to 14th

          Another month - The first few days in October passed with a rush, not much happening.     
     On the 4th we spent the afternoon at Meunga creek, lazing in dappled shade under the huge trees on the banks and having a splash in the water, the weather is hot and humid at present - so a great way to be cool. Couple of photos of Dot and Yip at the creek and a short video of them doing what they like to do.
Dot in the water at Meunga creek

Yip at Meunga creek


Vannessa and the pups in Cardwell

                                    Sunday 9th,
     Taking a walk on the wild side!! well - almost - a short stretch of track through the scrub at Cardwell.


                        Monday 10th
                   Last morning in Cardwell
     While walking the dogs this morning along marine parade, as we have been doing for some time, the huge crocodile that frequents the area came to bid us au revoir, nice to catch sight of it before we departed, it swam under the jetty while we watched with everyone else. 

Dilligaf at Bushy Parker Park   
     We got away early morning, stopping in Ingham on the way through to restock the larder making our way to Rollingstone by midday. A very quite RV park in Bushy Parker park with Rollingstone creek to one side.
The water was beautifully cool and clear and we enjoyed a splash this afternoon.

                     Tuesday 11th
     All of 20km to Bluewater this morning by 9 o'clock. The creek here has considerably less water than when we where last here a month ago, but enough to have a swim with the pup's. Found further down the creek the water has stopped flowing, the need for rain in these parts is evident, there are water restrictions in place. 
     A couple of chickens roaming the camp area, Yip has been keeping a keen eye on them, she would love to have one or both.!!
     We will be here for a couple of nights while we attend to appointments in Townsville,  first one tomorrow and another next Wednesday and the airshow on the weekend, so will just puddle around over the next few days going wherever the fancy takes us.

                      Thursday 13th
     Overcast this morning and a bit humid. To Saunders beach. We were paddling in the sea by 8.45am, the girls had a ball chasing the waves and a couple of small fish in the surf. Will overnight here and make our way to Currajong on Friday to be in the right place for the air show on Saturday.

                Back after the weekend