Thursday, December 5, 2013

25th to 30th November Townsville to Kooroorinya

It's been a few days since we got back to Kooroorinya and all is going well.
     The Hospital rang on Monday 25th to bring my appointment forward by one day, on the Wednesday 27th so we were able to head back a day earlier and were in Pentland by 3pm on  Wednesday. All went well with my final check-up and have to go back on the 27th March 2014 for another check-up, so the plan is to stay at Kooroorinya until then and resume our travels after that.
Jim, Dot and Yip on White Mountain

      We spent the first night on the road at a stop-over 14km east of Pentland at a place called Campaspe River rest area, and continued on to Prairie on Thursday morning stopping at the Burra Range lookout which is on the White Mountain National Park, great view.  Had a neat afternoon at Prairie Pub and it poured with rain in the early evening which turned the parking area we were at into a small shallow lake.


  Friday 29th
  Due to the rain last night it is pretty wet under foot today. as this photo of Jim sitting in the lake just outside the bus having a cup of coffee shows, the water has gone down by this time, last night it was ankle deep. As it dried out around 10am we made a move to head out to camp at Kooroorinya and did some nice wheel spin on the way out the gate but got through and arrived at camp by lunch time, along with a good shower of rain too, which was nice to have. Had a quiet afternoon and an early night.
     Saturday 30th
Spent some time this morning unpacking the bus and Car etc then we went into Prairie again as it was the Publicans kids school xmas concert for the Prairie State School, which the kids wanted us to go to so we didn't let them down and we had a ball. Spent the night in the bus on the roadside and headed back to camp next morning.