Monday, January 26, 2015

12th to 26th Passing the time at Bingara

     Just making our time fantastic here at the Gwydir river are a couple of things I wish to show you.

some of the local horses crossing
the river beside our camp site
     We have been swimming almost every day, sometimes 2 or 3 times.

     These horses are owned by the local horse riding outfit, they are only a few of the many they have and were being round up for a horse trail ride along the Gwydir river and made their crossing right outside our camp site on the way to the corral area.


Dot, Yip and myself sitting midstream
of the Gwydir river at Bingara
     The weather has been terrific but we seem to get afternoon storms every couple of days or so. We are experiencing one at the moment, pouring rain and Thunder claps to scare the pants off Ya and lightning to boot, Ha Ha it's all good and have been watching the spectacle out the window.
      Dot and Yip are finding the camp a U-Beaut place to be except that I refuse to let them chase all the rabbits that abound here, Yip has decided that swimming is not so bad and comes in with us quite willingly, Dot needs no encouragement, she loves the water.

     It's been a great start to 2015 and we will be meandering off eventually on our super duper adventure that all should be able to partake in. Catch up with you next month.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

7th to 11th Bingara to manilla (via Tamworth)

      Wednesday 7th

early morning at Bingara
that's the moon!

     Left Bingara today, 90km to Narrabri.  Before departing I took this picture of the moon going down over camp, just another one of those moments when I just had to snap a photo.

Knobby mountain behind us
Kaputar range national park
     We travelled over the range passing through Kaputar National Park, great views - as my photo's show.

Looking back the way we came
from top of  Kaputar range

View from Mt Kaputar range
       We stopped overnight at the Narrabri Showground camping area on a powered site for only $14.00. First time we had used the CMCA membership to get a discount of $4.

     Thursday 8th
     Travelling down the Kamilaroi highway through Bogabri and Gunnedah and on to the Oxley highway again, we stopped for short rest at Carroll for an ice cream (morning tea), reaching Tamworth 10am. About 9km east of Tamworth is the small town of Kootingal with camp sites available   -  (NOT)  -   all booked out for the Tamworth Country Music Festival. (which doesn't start for another week yet) Back to Tamworth at the riverside recreational reserve where a  camping area is set up for the festival. Might stay for the entertainment!! only $225.00 for 2 weeks camping.

     Friday 9th
     Tamworth is madness and mayhem, already the motor homes, caravans, camper vans, tents etc etc
are taking over most of the available camping ground there is, jammed in a metre apart!! NOT FOR US!!  we're outta here. Stowed our gear and left Tamworth behind us.
rapids below lower weir on Namoi river  Manilla

early morning reflections above upper weir on
Namoi river at Manilla

 44km back up Fossickers highway to Manilla, arriving mid morning we filled Dilligaf with fuel and drove to the river gum van park on the bank of the Namoi river, $23.00 a night, very pretty and well looked after, will stay for a couple of nights.

  Saturday 10th

Bank building in Manilla

     Swimming in the Namoi river, the water is warm compared to the Gwydir river at Bingara, the pups have been having a ball swimming and exploring with me. We walked into town, there are many old houses and buildings in Manilla, like this old bank building, very pretty art work on this one.
         Sunday 11th
  On our way to Split Rock Dam, only about 25km. Managed to blow a tyre on the trailer on the way out, so Darn!!, change the wheel and keep gong. When we got there discovered no powered sites at all and the dam is pretty low water wise and not very appealing at all, so made our way through a back road to Barraba, taking this view of the dam and country side on the way.

Split Rock Dam (in the distance)
In Barraba the camps that are supposed to be available are no longer operational.  We parked up for a while to have lunch and a break, deciding to carry on to Bingara and the camping area we left 4 days ago. It's so nice, why not?  On the way through Barraba found this great town clock, not many of these around any more.
Barraba town clock and main street

Barraba historic town court house

     And the court house building was on the same corner.

An hour later we were back where we started,- Bingara -
on the banks of the Gwydir river.

All things being equal we will spend a little time here and I will get back to you when I have something to tell or show.

Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015 at Bingara NSW

              2015 is going to be another great year.

     1st to 6th January
     The New Year has arrived and gone, on with the rest of the year.

Camel wants to say Hi Yip
(Our rig is at the back top left)

     Enjoying our time in Bingara but not much to tell, taking it easy with only a couple of photos of the local animals and Yip's interaction with them. She is ever curious of the horses and all animals here but the camel seemed to want to get to know her up close and personal. Dot is not so keen to be with the wild life unless she can growl and tell them off(which she is not aloud to do)

The horses are many, counted up 40 at one stage and a few foals amongst them. This one is only a few days old when I took the photo, lovely little grey colt, same colour as his Mum, (the old grey mare) Very relaxed little guy.

Shapes of nature at Bingara

This picture just caught my fancy, the beauty of nature is always surprising and can be stark, but always beautiful in it's own way.

     Just a dead tree against the morning sky,  neat eh?
That's all for now, back with more when we continue our journey soon.