Tuesday, July 28, 2015

17th to end July Ravenshoe fun & relaxing

    Well!! - not much to report.

     Saturday 18th
     I was called to duty at the local community B.B.Q.-  organised by the Tablelands council for all Ravenshoe residents and the whole community to get together for a fun day and to ask any questions. I spent a couple of hours cooking onions for the sausage sizzle with many people who had volunteered for the day.
     The weather has been very changeable, had a couple of light frosty mornings a couple of weeks ago, we have had misty days, cool mizzling rainy days, warm to cool fine days and lovely cloudless sunny warm to hottish days, all you could want in the weather pattern, but it is really lovely most of the time!!.
     The Tall Timbers Van park, where are staying, was taken over by new owners a month ago and we have been helping them out where we can, they are new to the game and are going along nicely, making improvements along the way.

Yip in Camp at Ravenshoe
   Dot & Yip are finding Ravenshoe as enjoyable as we are, I think. Yip is pretty relaxed most of the time, meeting new people almost every day.
When she isn't being cheeky or annoying Dot this photo shows what she gets up to. they both have been swimming in the creek (Yip with a bit of encouragement from me) and running amok in the park.

     End of the month is near, we are planning on going to Cardwell, then on to a country music weekend next month in Townsville.
      Catch up with us in August.  Man!! time flies when you are having so-o-o- much fun.  See Ya.

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Ravenshoe - waterfalls-dams+Platypus 16th July

      I've been jaunting around the place taking photo's.

Tully Falls on the Tully Gorge

     A fabulously sunny warm day arrived on Thursday 16th, (after a very cool morning) so I revisited the Koombaloomba dam and the Tully falls.
     Was a bit disappointed to find no water cascading down the fall, as I vaguely remember them being when I was last here, 20 years ago. Must be a sign of the times when so much of our natural  beauties are controlled by man, so that water flows when some big bum, on a padded chair somewhere, regulates when a fall is either a dust fall, or a water fall! Oh well!!

Tully Gorge

     The Tully gorge is insanely deep and awesome, nature at it's best, as this photo shows.

One of the creeks on the way
to Koombaloomba dam 
     I kept driving, heading for Koombaloomba dam which is the headwaters for the Tully river. 15km of not so good gravel road. I crossed a couple of creeks on the way and took a nice picture of this one, just 'cause I could.

Koombaloomba dam wall
     Just taking my time on the pothole filled and corrugated road, catching as much of the scenery as I could along the way.
    I finally reached the base of the dam wall.

     The river on this side of the wall was a beautiful colour and so clear I could easily see the bottom, no fish sighted here though.

Dot+Yip on the bridge over Tully
river below Koombaloomba dam
 A bridge crossed the river at this point making a good photo platform.  Dot and Yip had a good look as they crossed back and forth.

Tully river rapids below the
Koombaloomba dam
     The river below the bridge was flowing pretty fast, churning itself into a white water rafters dream, by the look of it. Pretty as a picture post card.

Koombaloomba dam
    The dam it self isn't very full, just above 25%, one of the signs read, very nice any way. We had a walk to the waters edge to discover how clear the water is, just great.  Time to head for home again for lunch and a bone for the dogs.

Platypus in South Cedar Creek Ravenshoe
      Later in the afternoon walked down the back of the van park to South Cedar Creek, well known for platypus. My luck was in, not one but two, possibly 3 of them. Managed to get a little footage on the video and turned it into this photo, of one of what looked like an adult animal.     Platypus are Monotremes, shared only with the echidna. They are mammals who feed on worms, snails, insects and the like. Very unusual animal with a duck bill, beaver like tail and otter like fur with webbed feet. So, there you go. Fantastic to see them for myself.

    Watched them for a while with Dot  + Yip, who seemed to be wondering what they were in the water.

Dot at South Cedar Creek

Yip at south Cedar Creek
      After a short time they had not returned to the surface, so time for the pups to have a bit of fun on the creek bank.

     A wonderful day, full of exciting new things with the platypus and going back in time to revisit the dam and Tully falls. Life should always be this good!!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mucking about in Ravenshoe (1st-12th)

     Enjoying a grand time in Ravenshoe.
     No requirement for our services so far from the folk injured in the CafĂ© explosion, maybe further along in time, we are available if needed.

     The Tall Timbers van park (where we are staying) is under new ownership, we have been giving them our time, off and on, doing what ever little thing is needed. In the mean-time, cruising along quietly.

Millstream falls-Ravenshoe
     On the 4th (as I said last blog) I took the dogs for a drive out to Millstream falls. 20 years ago you could get to the bottom of the falls for photo's, but now only a track to a viewing platform, that's progress I guess! Still, they are just as beautiful as I remember.

Suspension bridge at Herberton
     A few days later, on 8th, I drove to Herberton to wonder around the Historical village. I spent 3 hours meandering around the village, gazing in wonder, at times, at the displays. It made me realise how tough it was for people back then.
  The whole village is set up jolly well. The suspension bridge over the wild river is an experience not to be missed, just saying, I've been there and done that!!

Horse drawn hearse
(Who's the sad looking one?)
     The horse drawn carriages were many but this one took my fancy, the Hearse, beautiful in a morbid way.


Herberton historic Village street
     The town is just like it was many years ago with numerous streets such as this one.

Some of the old tractors at
the village
     Then there is all the old machinery, tractors, as in the this photo, bulldozers, tools, cars, engines of all description, you have to go there and see to believe it.  I had a wonderful time.

HM Bark Endeavour
replica at Herberton village
     I took time for lunch. In the cafe is this model of the Endeavour. really well made, amongst others there too.

    A great day once again.
Back to camp late after noon.

Keeping out of trouble and having a humunganormously great time here in Ravenshoe. Catch you next blog.


July - fun in Ravenshoe


Millstream falls -going over the edge
The weather has been very changeable, some days are just lovely and sunny and then others are not so nice, with misty drizzle and a bit cool. Having a ball though, can't let the weather hold me up.

Dot at Millstream falls

Yip at Millstream falls
  On the 4th I took the pup's out to the Millstream falls for the afternoon. It is a national park but I didn't let that stop me from giving the girls a look around at the top of the falls. Some of the tourist's there where very pleased to make Yip's acquaintance along with Dot but one couple were not impressed and the bloke was shaking his head as we met on the trail, I said "there many things that people are not supposed to do", so not to worry. We had a glorious afternoon. The falls are the widest in Queensland falling over a basalt rock wall. It's good to see the waters ways around the area flowing so well, something to do with the weather I reckon!!

      That's it for now.