Thursday, September 26, 2013

6th to 20th Kooroorinya nature reserve camping

Saturday 14th
    Not much been happening up 'til now so here I go with some more to tell.
 This morning I went for a walk as usual and found something I had heard about but up until today had not seen. In the bottom of Towerhill creek, which is only sand, dry as, I spied a couple of holes in the sand, they had been dug by kangaroo's looking for water. Pretty impressive as they were about 2 foot deep and about 18 inches round and at the bottom was a small puddle of very clean water. So, now I know how the Roo's survive in this harsh drought time, even though there is water in the creek at various billabongs, there was none at this point of the river bed.
                                                                        Here Dash is checking out the hole dug by the Kangaroo's

On getting back to the camp Jim says he either saw a fox or a dingo pup at the boundary gate, but by the time he got there it had disappeared. Well, I made us a coffee and were enjoying this when Dot and Dash went after something in the garden which made a noise as they got to it and we thought whatever it was, the dogs had it. As we got to where they were, we discovered that it was in fact a dingo pup, in a pretty bad state too, as skinny as anything I have ever seen that was still walking around, the little bugga was skin and bones, hiding under a small tree yipping at Dot and Dash as if it was ten feet tall and indestructible. We managed to coax it out to eat some tinned dog food and she drank plenty of water, must have been very dehydrated. It had a look around as we watched her, even came inside the house, then she decided she had seen enough and took off across the paddock too fast for us to catch her and disappeared again, much to my disappointment. Jim reckons she will be back when she gets hungry again. I hope so and I will hang on to her this time as I have already decided on a name for her. Oh well, have to wait and see, better get on with the rest of the day.

this is Yip on the very first day she arrived to stay with us  and accepting food and water from me in the yard at Kooroorinya, before she disappeared out the gate down the paddock.

Monday 16th
     During the night the Dingo pup came back!! Jim awoke about eleven pm to her whining at the door, he brought her into me and she seemed to recognise me as a food source as she started to lick my lips for something to eat. I gave her a feed and some water with a little milk in it and she ate the lot. I put her in the bathroom on a shirt of Jim's and she fell asleep on it in a very short time, so I went back to bed as well. By the way I have named her "yip" cause she yipped madly at Dot and Dash when they first found her.
     In the morning we spent a lot of time with her and are amazed by how she has taken to being with us, I am keeping her on a lead at all times as she is pretty jumpy of any noise or sudden movement or other people around a would bolt if given the chance. We are going to give her a feed every 3 or 4 hours for a couple of weeks to get some condition on her, she is so-o-o skinny you can see all the bones in her body. We reckon the powers that be (what ever that is) has sent her to dingo Jim and me to look after her for the rest of her life, which we will do with very much pleasure.
     We have a bloke and his young son camping here and they came to have a look at a fair dink um Dingo pup and she doesn't seem to mind being handled by the young Lad.
     We have had a few campers in since this and Yip is not very keen on other people at all, or their vehicles, but she will get better as time goes by.

     That's the news for now, We'll have our work cut out for us in training her I guess, but we have done it before and know what is in store in training a Dingo, very much different to a domestic dog, but all the more satisfying with the challenge.

Friday 20th
     Jim has gone shopping in Hughenden today so I have the day to myself. Spent a lot of time with Yip, she is coming along in leaps and bounds, putting on weight already and really smart. Dot and Dash are grudgingly accepting her but keeping her at a distance, have had a few moments of play together but under tolerance, hopefully they will soon accept her completely.
     Still enjoying being caretakers of the kooroorinya camping area, having a ball as is our usual habit of late. Catch ya when I blog again soon.