Monday, November 25, 2013

17th to 25th Still in Townsville

Monday 25th
    Well the waiting is almost over, we have spent the past few days getting ready to go back to Kooroorinya, ( or I should say Jim has) I am doing really well but still not much use when it comes to the crunch of actually doing much yet.

Dot and Jim relaxing at Camp in Townsville
Jim and Dot have been able to have a little free time every now and then, but mostly Jim has been busy shopping for stores when we go back and making sure everything is up to scratch etc.

We had a nice afternoon  on Thursday last week when we went to the Ross river for a couple of hours and Dot and Yip and I went for swim, it was a load of fun. Had the last visit from the Physiotherapist on Friday and she said I am going great and won't need to see her again, so I am pleased with that.

     We have had a little maintenance work done of the Bus, a service on the Jimny and only waiting for Thursday for my appointment at the Hospital for my final check-up and we are taking off for the west that afternoon, so will catch up later.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

1st to 17th November Townsville Post Op.

     Gidday, it's the 17th today and that many days since my knee operation. All going really well getting around fairly easily on crutches and without them, had my first check-up at the hospital  on Thursday 14th and surgeon and every one up there is telling me I am going great guns, keep up the good work, so  just a matter of keeping up the exercises every day and just waiting here in Townsville until my final check-up on the 28th, then we will be heading back out to Kooroorinya and peace and quiet.
Hey Dot! whats in here?, This Townsville place is pretty strange eh!

  Haven't been doing much of interest, Yip and Dot have been keeping me entertained and Jim has been looking after me well.

Taking it easy until I feel I'm ready to go up and onwards.

     Catch Ya soon