Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Life at Kooroorinya and Christmas

Life is good !!
     Much of our time is spent relaxing, it is so dry our here and the water in Towerhill creek is going down every day, we have to be a bit careful with our water consumption now as it comes from the creek, although we have two rain water tanks, we need rain!! The camping area is devoid of visitors because it so dry, although we did have a couple of travellers just after Christmas on their way through to where ever they were going.
     Jim had a busy couple of days when he gave a hand to muster Bogunda Station's cattle off the Moorinya National Park, which they had the use of until Christmas but had to get off the national park by then.  A very long day for him and he came home buggered but happy, thoroughly enjoyed the challenge
     The park is 85,000 acres and there were 2 or 3 stations with cattle on it making it a big muster, there were 2 helicopters, 13 motor bikes, 4 Quad  bikes, 4 ute's  and about 25 people, not to mention the ladies who supplied food and drinks for the whole gang.
     We have been shopping into Hughenden a couple of times and make an overnight stay at the Prairie Pub, taking the bus in to stay the night, saves having to drink and drive, not to mention the Kangaroos which a menace early evening,  morning and night as they are so stupid that they try to out run any vehicle, then decide to cut across in front of you, much to their demise and sometimes much damage to the vehicle. We had one altercation while in the Jimny resulting in a $3500.00 insurance claim, and once in the bus, but the bus was up to the challenge sustaining no damage at all.
     Yip (our Dingo) is doing really well, growing too fast and very cheeky. Has learnt many commands but still sometimes hesitant to come when we call, that is the way of the Dingo though, think about every decision before committing ones self to action. Dot has decided that Yip is not bad companion to have around and plays with her well.
     Christmas day we spent at our friends station, Bagunda, with a wonderful day having been had, plenty of great food and drinks and many stories told.
     I have to be in Townsville at the end of March to have a review of my operation, so we will depart Kooroorinya then and decide where to go next.
     It's been a great year, best wishes for 2014.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

December Life at Kooroorinya

21st December

     The month is almost gone already and Christmas is just around the corner and I have only just got around to catching up with my blog.  Merry Christmas to all from Jim and me and the puppies.
Ho-Ho-Ho  Merry Christmas
Santa and his helper with Lily, Bella and Cherry
(Prairie Pub Kids)

The Prairie School Christmas Do that we attended on the last day of last month was very nice, spent the evening being entertained by the Kids and meeting Lot's of people. We spent the night in the bus there and headed back to Kooroorinya on Sunday morning.

Towerhill Creek  upstream of the crossing
On the way back it struck me how dry it is since we got here and hopefully it will rain soon, but I took this photo as we crossed over the creek just short of camp to compare later when it is in flood ( whenever that may happen)

     Spent a couple of days getting things sorted with the supplies we purchased in Townsville, then settled back to relax once again in the peace and quiet of Kooroorinya.

                                                                                   Tuesday 3rd
     We took a drive to visit our nearest neighbours, only 15 km up the road a bit, on Bogunda Station, they said we couldn't miss the their station as it has this huge steam engine at the entrance to the sixty thousand acre property (yes 60000 acres!). Had lovely cuppa with their daughter as the rest of the family was out working on the back boundary about 15km away. I have some difficulty dealing with vast distances and sizes of things around here, but am slowing getting used to it.

The last couple of weeks I have been trying to keep up with my exercises for my knees and doing a bit around the camp. Other than that we have been taking it easy. Were sitting around one after noon when we had a visit from a Sand Goanna, just wondered around the edge of the garden for while, I think it was looking for the moisture in the garden as we had not long since watered it, then it took off across the paddock and disappeared in the dry grass as it was well camouflaged, nice surprise, it was about 4 or 5 feet long and very pretty. That's one of the beaut things about being here, you never know what will turn up in the garden.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

25th to 30th November Townsville to Kooroorinya

It's been a few days since we got back to Kooroorinya and all is going well.
     The Hospital rang on Monday 25th to bring my appointment forward by one day, on the Wednesday 27th so we were able to head back a day earlier and were in Pentland by 3pm on  Wednesday. All went well with my final check-up and have to go back on the 27th March 2014 for another check-up, so the plan is to stay at Kooroorinya until then and resume our travels after that.
Jim, Dot and Yip on White Mountain

      We spent the first night on the road at a stop-over 14km east of Pentland at a place called Campaspe River rest area, and continued on to Prairie on Thursday morning stopping at the Burra Range lookout which is on the White Mountain National Park, great view.  Had a neat afternoon at Prairie Pub and it poured with rain in the early evening which turned the parking area we were at into a small shallow lake.


  Friday 29th
  Due to the rain last night it is pretty wet under foot today. as this photo of Jim sitting in the lake just outside the bus having a cup of coffee shows, the water has gone down by this time, last night it was ankle deep. As it dried out around 10am we made a move to head out to camp at Kooroorinya and did some nice wheel spin on the way out the gate but got through and arrived at camp by lunch time, along with a good shower of rain too, which was nice to have. Had a quiet afternoon and an early night.
     Saturday 30th
Spent some time this morning unpacking the bus and Car etc then we went into Prairie again as it was the Publicans kids school xmas concert for the Prairie State School, which the kids wanted us to go to so we didn't let them down and we had a ball. Spent the night in the bus on the roadside and headed back to camp next morning.