Tuesday, February 25, 2014

3rd to 25th February Still in Kooroorinya (it has rained!)


Our back yard when it started to rain on Wednesday night
     We have had some more rain, a little, off and on up until Wednesday 19th when we had a doozy of a downpour over night and more up to Friday 21st, making a total rainfall of about 110 mm over the 3 days. I didn't think we would see it,  but, Kooroorinya falls are flowing, and flowing with a rush and a roar. When it started on Wednesday night, we thought "beauty, a decent downpour, this will put some water in the creek!"

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The photo on the right shows the waterfall back in August when there hadn't been any
rain around here for 6-7 months.      We thought the creek would have some water in it the next morning and it did, at 7am on Thursday morning, the level was 1.5 metres below the weir and by just after 7.30am it was flowing over the top and gaining momentum by the minute, WOW! never imagined that could happen so quick.

Have a gander at this photo, it was taken from about the same position as the one taken in August, what a difference a day makes, I took it this morning, Friday 21st. Magnificent isn't it?  I am just amazed by how fast the water came up, made me realise what it means when you mention flash flooding in water ways. Nothing like that here though, just very fast rising of the water in the system up stream which filled our end of the creek really nicely.

This picture is at the top of the falls where the weir is, or was, it's disappeared under water for the time being.
     We went to retrieve a rope that was over the other side before it came up, but we left our run a bit late, have to get it when it goes down again, maybe, if it's still there.

So, that's all good news for the farmers in the area, a lot of relieved people around now, you can see it in their faces and hear it in their voices when you meet any of them, or talk to them on the UHF radio or the phone.
     I have really noticed the difference  from a month ago, the grass is green, and there are wild flowers popping up all over the racecourse and the camp ground. I have been madly taking photos of them and so far have 16 different ones, they are all weeds I guess, but beautiful you would have to agree.

    Also been taking shots of some of the wildlife that we come across while out on our walks. Like this Blue tongue lizard that the dogs uncovered on the middle of the racecourse, they wanted to have a go at it, but not on! I made them come away, then took this shot, it was pretty riled up and wanted to have a go at me when I got too close with the camera.

     Then there was this bug which was on the patio one day, I think it looks like a huge Cicada, but have no real idea what it is, just that it is very big and pretty. I let it go again into the garden.

     Have been having a lot of fun with my camera, taking shots of anything that catches my fancy. The moon was looking really pretty going down one morning when I headed out with dogs and ended up with this shot over the racecourse.

     Then, back in January before it rained, this image appeared before my eyes. I thought that it typified the colours of the outback with the stormy looking clouds behind it and the almost dead tree, couldn't resist.
      Not quite a month later, when I was near the same place, the tree is covered in leaves now and a little greenery has appeared under and around it. Nature is a spectacular thing!!

February is almost done, as is our time at Kooroorinya, it has been a lovely 6 months here but I am itching to get back on the road again and we intend to continue our travels on the 13th March, heading for Townsville for my knee's check-up  on 27th.
     One of the greatest things to happen to us while here was to find our adorable Kooroorinya Kelpie puppy, Yip.  She is really developing into a fantastic companion, not only to Jim and I, but Dot, our other adorable puppy, gets along with her beautifully. Yip is learning a lot from Dot and her training is coming along well, still along way to go yet, but as we know, they don't fully develop until they are 2 years old.
     So hopefully for the local farmers we will get some more rain yet, we will follow the weather to suit our needs, as we can, (don't like too hot-cold-wet-dry la la la la la, - sorry !)

     Anyway, take care and catch you next month with more of my titillating stories, chow.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

20 January to 2nd Febuary Kooroorinya

Just taking it easy still.
                  The GOOD NEWS is it has rained at last!!!
Last weekend we had a shower each afternoon on Sat. and Sun.  giving us  about 10 ml over the two days. It was quite unbelievable on Monday morning to see the grass that had sprouted  almost over night. Then on Friday and this weekend we have had more, maybe
40 ml to date, that makes about 50 ml so far this year and it seems as though we will get more yet. It is amazing to note that the 50 odd ml we have had so far exceeds the total rainfall around these parts for the whole of 2013. Now we look around and it is becoming very green, the grass is coming along fast and furious, some parts are over an inch high already, next thing we will have mow the lawn!!  (Oh Oh)
     Had another visitor to our garden the other day, a Sand Goanna again, about 1.3 metres long, a different one I think than our last visitor. It spent quite some time digging it's supper out of the garden, couldn't see what it was eating but it had a feast, then waddled off into the paddock again. WOW! all sorts of wildlife around here eh?
     With it being so dry I feel that the Kangaroo have been doing it tough too, there aren't as many around as there were a couple of months ago, maybe it has something to do with Yip and Dot, our beloved puppies, who are doing a great job of chasing them away from the garden and camp area.
      Jim went into Hughenden on Friday and I washed the car before he went, to make it look like someone owned it, waste of my effort since it rained, now its red mud colour again instead of white. Oh well  if that's the biggest problem I have I don't have much to worry about.
       All is good, catch you all next blog time.