Monday, January 16, 2017

Lifes a beach at Sarina

                                       Happy New Year
     2017 is here and life is grand.  Happily spending our time taking all things easy.
Bubbler Sand Crab hole and sand balls

Christmas, as usual for us, was fairly quiet.  The New Year arrived without fanfare and we are all having a ball at Campwin. Dot and Yip thoroughly enjoying the beach walks, playing in the surf, digging up crabs and trying to catch the small fish in the rock pools and waves.  
     The Bubbler Crabs on the beach are in the millions, they leave pretty patterns in the sand as they dig their homes and have to renew them each tide, very busy little creatures. The photo is of the smaller ones but there are lots of bigger ones as well, the balls of sand that they leave behind are sometimes as big as large gob stopper marbles (remember those?), the big ones are what Dot and Yip like to dig up, usually having a bit of a chase with them before they expire!!

Speckled Sand crab at Campwin Beach
      Yip has a lot of fun in the surf chasing the Speckled Sand Crab which we have found between about 1 inch to 2+1/2 inches round. They can swim and dig themselves into the sand quick smart, making Yip wonder where they have disappeared to.

Surfs up at Campwin beach

                       So life really is a beach for us at present, and we are loving it.

Very relaxed at the Christmas Carols at Sarina Beach
We had a nice time at the Christmas Carols at
Sarina Beach.  It was well supported, sitting on the sand with every one, even the pups seemed to enjoy the attention. 

Mini B-Double loaded for the dump

     Over the Christmas break we were busy cleaning up a part of the section, keeping ourselves out of trouble but totally worked out.   Jim had a tow-bar fitted to the Jimny and we hired a trailer to do the job.  All was well except for our overworked bodies.

          We have settled in to suburbia for the time being and all is well with us.   
                               Up date again in the future   Chow for now