Sunday, September 28, 2014

Tambo to Charleville 25th to 29th September

Thursday 25th
     Moving on
      We left Tambo today and travelled to Augathella, to a free camp on the Warrego river bank. another pretty campsite, the river is dry, as most are at present.

Giant meat ant sculpture
     Augathella is known as meat ant country - not because of any ants, actually, but the local football team is known as the "Mighty Meat Ants" and are fearless in their attack against opponents, therefore the town earned the nickname Meat Ant Country. This Giant Meat Ant sculpture is at the Meat Ant park in the centre of town.

Campsite at Augathella
     We found the campsite and settled for a relaxing afternoon.


      I took a walk to have a look at the murals that are all along the main street, also wrought iron sculptures. These 2 photos are but a small number of the ones that are there.

Horse sculpture and mural
Mural on Buchans Garage
(no longer a garage)



     Warrego is an aboriginal word for - river of sand - which is very fitting at this stage 'cause that is all there is in the river at this point. There is the race track of course!!

     I took this picture of Dot and Yip next morning while on our walk.
     Augathella was known as Burenda originally, then Ellangowan until 1883 when the town was gazetted and renamed Augathella.

         Friday 26th
     Down the Mitchell highway 90km or so to Charleville today. Such a nice welcome sign on the way in.
      Called into the Information centre to ask about camping at the showgrounds but it's not in use any more. We travelled a further 6km to the Red Lizard Camping Grounds. $25 p/n, very clean and heaps of room.

          Saturday 27th
     Unloaded Jimny this morning and went into Charleville to have look around and get a few provisions.
     This photo of an historic house - now the museum - is one of many beautiful old buildings in town.
Back to camp to have a quiet day.

      The weather is great, it will get to a balmy 28 degree today, much more to our liking and comfort.
       Sunday 28th
Charleville Hotel
 one of 2 or 3 that I found
     Spent part of the day getting ready for our next move. Have to go into Charleville early to get the fridge tended to, needs a new thermostat we think. We will decide where to after its all fixed.        
     I took a drive in the afternoon to have another look. These photo's are some of what I found.

Vortex rain making guns in
     In a park on the road to Cunnamulla heading out of town I found this nice park. We stopped for walk around and found these rain making guns. Apparently in 1902 Charleville was experiencing the longest running drought ever. They found out about these rain making guns (which were in use in overseas countries) and imported them to make rain. There was 6 of them, they were used for scrap metal after the event except for these two.

     Did they work??  No, actually, and the drought broke shortly after they were installed, but it makes for a good story in Charleville. (How's That!!)

The Warrego river has some muddy pools of water at varying places, but surely needs some rain to fill it up, would look fantastic then.
     We will head south again on Tuesday probably, heading for Cunnamulla.

              Catch you then.