Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Bundoora Dam 11th to 14th September

Bundoora lake and the campsite

     Found our way to this beautiful lake called Bundoora dam today, 26km from Middlemount. about 70km north-east of Emerald.

     It is a stretch of water which is clean enough for me to swim in and may even contain some fish.

Yip at the dam wall
     On our second day here I tried my hand at fishing and managed to catch a heap of turtles, as I don't have recipe for turtle soup I released them all. Jim has set the red claw traps but no luck so far, will leave them in over night again. The only fish I caught were only about 3 inches long, not a good look for my fishing reputation.

 I went in the water for a splash or three and thoroughly enjoyed it as long as I didn't let myself sink too low in the water as it was pretty cold about 18 inches below the surface. The sunset was neat too as this picture shows.

Bundoora dam
On Saturday we had some rain, it started before daylight and was all over by early afternoon and the day was magic again. We managed to catch only 3 red claw for the time we had here.Our stay  has been lovely and could spend more time here but must continue, plenty more places to see yet.