Friday, September 26, 2014

Blackall to Tambo 19th to 24th September

          Friday 19th
       Having had a restful night we headed to Tambo today travelling about 100km to spend some time at the Tambo Caravan park. A
This is Yip at the Tambo
Van park
powered site is $25.00 for 2 people and they have good deal where we pay for 2 nights and have the third night free, so we decided to rest up for a week and took advantage of the deal to stay for 6 nights. It is a lovely garden setting and plenty of room, the pups are quite at home here and seem to enjoy the peace and quiet.

Queensland bottle tree
   The town has a population of about 350 or so and is very pretty with some beautiful buildings. A very fascinating thing for me around this area is the Bottle trees, which I mentioned in the last blog, well, there are plenty of them here.

Queensland bottle tree trunk

I believe that there are 2 varieties here, the Queensland bottle tree - narrow leaf (Brachychiton - Rupestris) and the Queensland bottle tree - broad leaf (Brachychiton - Australis). I found the narrow leaf to be the most unusual with all sorts of shapes and  sizes. Here are a couple of my favourite that I found in the Tambo streets while wondering around. Don't you think they are neat? The main street has them down the middle of the road, and they are all over the town and surrounding area.
     Some of the buildings are beautiful as well and I have put a couple in to show you.

Historical court house
built in 1888. the detail is great 

Post office still in use built in 1904

Just Cute!! obviously an old building
but trading as the local butcher

     I spent some time walking around the streets of the town. There is a walk around the banks of the Barcoo river, (which is dry) but a pleasant walk . I found this along the way.

Memorial to the Qantas plane crash site
     There was a Qantas plane crash here on 24th March 1927, a memorial site has been erected in memory of the loss of 3 lives, when the DeHavilland plane came down. There isn't actually anything to see at the site except for the memorial and plaque.

     Another enjoyable few days at a very pretty outback town. We had some rain of Sunday evening and over night with a total of 30mm. Not a big wet but I reckon the local farmers would be happy with it. By Monday afternoon the sun was shining on us again. The weather has been fantastic.
    A nice stay in Tambo.