Sunday, September 7, 2014

Camooweal to Prairie 25th to 31st August

                                  Monday 25th

     Time to move on today but while out walking Dot and Yip for the last morning here in Camooweal I took this photo of a wedge tailed eagle sitting in a tree not too far from us, one of the finest examples of freedom and wildlife.


     We left Camooweal about 9am and headed for the ww11 rest area only 50km short of Mount Isa arriving in time for lunch and a Nannie nap, we spent the night here.    
     Just after lunch a heap of cars started to pull in to the rest area, they are a bunch of people participating in the Variety Bash from Sydney to Tennant Creek, on the last couple of days of the trip. They only took one week to come from Sydney to here, that's hootin' it eh? The collage on the left shows some of the cars and Jim and a contestant, they had to compare legs, could be related maybe! They had a pit stop here and carried on to Camooweal today then on to Tennant Creek tomorrow, great bunch of funny people all contributing to a great charity.
     Yip watched from a safe distance up on the picnic table.
     What an unexpected surprise for us to have them pull in while we were here to see.

                        Tuesday 26th and Wednesday 27th
Called in to Mount Isa today to restock the larder, drinks and fuel and departed the city heading to Fountain Springs rest area by 12 noon, half way between the Isa and Cloncurry, continuing on in the morning where we rested at Oorindi for a few hours to wait for the wind to die down, it is very blustery and knocks the bus around a bit and ups the fuel consumption heaps. Mid afternoon  we drove in to Julia Creek. Spent the night at the RV friendly free park. I thought our Rig looked neat reflected in the billabong.

                        Thursday 28th
     Staying at Julia Creek again. I took a walk up to the town information centre to have a look at the Julia Creek Dunnart - feeding. The animal is like a big mouse, pretty rare apparently, cute though.
     Also checked out the museum where this little bulldozer was on display.
     Later in the day while relaxing with a cold one we saw three emu strutting around the park as if they owned the place, was great to watch them for a while and managed to get a photo of one of them. Had a nice couple of days in Julia Creek.

                                       Friday 29th

     We left early this morning in an attempt to beat the wind, which was a good idea, except for the first half hour or so when the sun was a  a bit blinding until it gained enough height not to bother the driver.
     On to Richmond and the Lake View van park which is on the edge of Fred Triton Lake, a man made lake and an oasis for us and the pups who enjoyed a swim.

                       Saturday 30th
     Heading for Prairie today, back full circle in our travels, warmer climate, which we are enjoying and to catch up with some of the folk we met while here, about this time last year. 
      Called in to Hughenden on the way to get some of the butchers sausages and a couple of things from the supermarket. On to Prairie where we will spend a few days camping behind the Pub. All is good for the month of August. Catch you in September.