Monday, September 8, 2014

Prairie and Charters Towers 1st to 8th September

                   Monday 1st
     Having a nice quiet time in Prairie. Caught up with a few mates, including the Buffalo out back, she likes to have a head scratch and a carrot now and then, but mind out for her horns, they are huge, she's a docile old animal though.
                    Wednesday 3rd
     Time to move on. Travelled to Charters Towers today spending the night at the Gold City Roadhouse, enjoyed the fish and chips for dinner, as we do, when staying here for the night.
                      Thursday 4th
     Drove through town this morning but have decided to do the shopping tomorrow when we unload the Jimny. Are staying at the Burdekin Duck Roadhouse van park, only $18.00 a night with power, will be here until next week.
                      Friday5th, Saturday6th, Sunday7th
     Did the shopping on Friday morning and washing, all the boring jobs out of the way, later in the afternoon.
"Hurry up, lets go for a swim!!"
"Not me Dot, just a paddle maybe"
"Swimming is great Yip"

     Saturday I took Dot and Yip to the Burdekin river for a swim, they had a great time although Yip was a bit hesitant to get fully wet and I had to help her.

     There isn't a great deal of water in the river at present, a little more than the last time we were here 6 months ago. Was chatting with a bloke who said he had been watching quite large fish swimming around in the river but couldn't get them to take a bait, Oh well, that's the way it goes.  It is still very pretty and the rail bridge down stream sticks out like a sore thumb.

     Macrossan bridge, which is the road bridge looks impressive from the river bed where I took the pups for a swim, especially when a road train passes like the one in this photo.


     The bridge was constructed in 1971 at a height of 13.4 metres above the stream bed, you would think that height would be enough to enable flood free travel for ever, but -  not so, according to the flood marker which is at one end of the bridge, As this photo shows, it has gone under on numerous occasions, the greatest one was in 1946 at a level of 21.79 metres. WOW!! that's a lot of water!.

     We had a nice time playing in the river for a while on Saturday and again on Sunday.
     Apart from this activity our time at the Burdekin Duck has been very relaxing.

                       Monday 8th
     Last day here, time to get ready to head south, hopefully it will be warm enough for us to continue our journey this time.

     Catch you later