Saturday, October 11, 2014

Sept.29th to October 3rd Charleville-Wyandra to Barringun- Cobar in N.S,W

              Monday 29th Sept.

Gladstone hotel in Wyandra
(the one and only one in town)
     Went to Charleville to a fridge place to have the fridge in the bus looked at. They worked on it for an hour or so while I replenished the larder at the local IGA. Hopefully it is all good now.

      Down the road about 100 km to Wyandra, a little town half way between Charleville and Cunnamulla.

Wyandra post & general store
After having refreshments a the local hotel we parked up at the Wyandra post and general store. There is a van park behind it with powered sites for $15.00 per night. A very quaint little place, the store has every thing you could think of, from fish & chips to knick knacks, souvenirs, tools and ice cream, with free movies of the local area each night, putt putt golf and friendly happy hour.
      Tuesday 30th Sept.

Warrego river at Wyandra
     Awoke to lovely morning. Yesterday afternoon I took the pup's down to the Warrego river, only 1km from the park, guess what!! there is water in the river to swim in, and maybe fish too!. The beach, (as the locals call it) is very nice with sand to the waters edge. A part of the river system which not dried out, very nice!!

Cheapy for sale in Wyandra
     Found this little gem on a corner block!! Just what is needed for the beginner property investor! (I think not, but - what do I know)

Renovated Rail building at
the old race track
Went out to see the race track which hasn't been used for years, but they have moved the old ticket office from the rail station out to the track and they use it for Gymkhana's and the like. It is very well done.   

             Wednesday 1st October
    Spending another day here, just relaxing. will head south tomorrow.

             Thursday 2nd October
     Heading down the Mitchell highway today to the N.S.W. border town of Barringun, about 200 km for the day. Didn't stop in Cunnamulla except to refuel the bus. We got to Barringun at 12.20pm,(which is on the N.S.W. side of the border) So - another state to explore. There isn't much at the border between Qld and N.S.W. to let a person know they have crossed it. Barringun has a truck/stop-caravan park and a pretty run down hotel.
Tattersalls Hotel NSW/QLD border
at Barringun

Hotel bar & owner Barringun at
QLD/NSW border
The publican is a woman in her mature years who said she had been here since 1977, Wow, that's a long time to be in one place, especially one so isolated. There has probably been heaps of passing traffic to tend to over the years and I bet she could tell some stories.
     We spent the night opposite the hotel parking in a slip lane that had plenty of room.

wild goats south of 
Bourke. Heaps of them all
the way to Cobar
                         Friday 3rd
      Moving on down the highway toward Bourke, ( the back of Bourke, you know the one) and on the way the roadside and farm land and scrub has heaps of goats of all colours and sizes, I expect that they are feral goats as there are too many of them to be farmed., although there may be some of them that are stock animals.
     We went all the way to Cobar today passing by Bourke except to refuel Dilligaf and stopped at a butcher to get extra meat and bones for the dogs. 

     Arrived in Cobar and stopped at a truck stop rest area on the intersection to where we are heading tomorrow.
Sign on disused Mine site at Cobar

     Had been here for a couple of hours when a council worker told us about the free camp at the town reservoir. We moved to there and it was worth it as it is very pretty and the dogs managed to get a swim in the clear cool water. We had a very nice evening.     
     The day was a bit tiring as we travelled a bit further than usual, clocking up about 300km for the day, about twice the usual, but all is good.

     I visited the information centre before we moved to our final camp site and took a photo of the beautiful building, which also houses the museum.
Heritage building housing the museum
and information centre

Dot at the lake reservoir at Cobar
free camp