Monday, August 4, 2014

COLD !! turning back again. 3rd+4th August

3rd August
     Well, the cold weather has finally got the better of us. Minus 2+3 degree temps' are a bit too much to handle, then the days don't warm up much with a cutting bitter, ice tinged wind for most of the day, NOT good. So we left Ross River Resort today, only went as far as Alice Springs where we spent the night at a van park (so we could have power and the heater on) and stocked up on any provisions we needed.

4th August
     Woke to a very chilly/cold, 1 degree morning. Waited a while for it to warm up a bit then loaded all our gear, ( the Jimny etc) and headed off by 10am. Had to fuel the bus and call into Bunnings (a hardware warehouse) and departed Alice Springs by 10.45am. Heading north for warmer climate. Stopped at Aileron for a breather and lunch and a rest. Decided carry on to Ti Tree, about 200km north of Alice. I drove this leg and enjoyed the drive. booked into the Ti Tree roadhouse Van Park for the night.
     No real plan at the moment, just to find warmth, possibly head back to Qld down the middle and south, when it warms up more.
     Catch you when I know what's going on!!    Dilligaf,   read the name on the bus. Life really is a moment in time, take all you can get out of it. chow!