Friday, August 8, 2014

Heading North to Daly Waters 5th to 8th

Tuesday 5th
On our way north looking for warmer weather have travelled back some way and stopped off here at Bonney well again, a delightful place to rest for the night.
On the way to here we rested at Barrow Creek Hotel for a time before we continued on to the rest area for the night.
Wednesday 6th
Onward we go. Stopped at Tennant Creek to have an oil change done on the bus. Had to wait a while before they were able to do it but where on our way again at 2pm travelling as far north to Attack Creek rest area only about 50km north of Tennant Creek. This is the morning view on departure.
Thursday 7th
Onward and upward, the weather is nice now, warm and cosy, much more to our liking. The roads up the Stuart Highway are so long and the surrounding countryside is mostly unchanging.
Stopped to take a photo of our rig on the long road north. Gidday to all!
Drove to a little Oasis on the way called Renner Springs, just a roadhouse and camping area, but very pretty, This windmill is on the place, nice!. The Bar at the roadhouse is full of hats!! pinned to the walls and ceiling. very unusual to see. We had an ice cream and continued.
We travelled about 200 km today to make Elliott, nothing here much, booked into the caravan park for the night to have a rest etc. There is a hotel on the main street, but it looked like it was closed for good, but discovered it did open later in the day, Jim went to have a beer, but only had one, not much going for it!
That's all for now , catch you when we are in Internet country again, it's pretty patchy up in these parts, Oh Well! life on the road has it's hassles and if that is all there is to worry about, we have no worries!
                      Chow for now