Sunday, August 17, 2014

Cape Crawford to Camoowael (Back in Qld)12th to 17th

Tuesday 12th
     Only travelled 10 km today, to Cape Crawford, where we stayed for the night, $28.00 for a powered sight.
Cape Crawford roadhouse N.T.
     Not much here, it's the junction of Tablelands highway which goes to the Barkly highway, or carry on to Borroloola. We have decided we will make the turn and head for the Barkly highway and on to Queensland (Mainland Australia, Jim reckons), making for Camooweal where we'll stay for a while and have a gander at the Drovers festival on the weekend of 23rd and 24th. After that on to Mount Isa (eventually)

                    Wednesday 13th

    Heading down the Tablelands highway today, hoping to make the second rest area noted on the sign as we pulled out of Cape Crawford.
     We made the 229 km trek and ended up at Brunette Downs rest area by lunch time, still 150km from the Barkly highway and homestead.

The area is very desert like, bare of anything much, I took this panorama of the landscape.
We had a quiet afternoon. The sunset was something special again and I took a different style of photo with this one of Dilligaf in the early evening sunset.
Thursday 14th
     On toward Queensland, down the Tableland highway to the Barkly Homestead on the Barkly highway, 220km west of the Queensland border. I remember staying at the Homestead when we came through in May, earlier this year, thought I would take a picture though, for old times sake.
     We had a spell here for 20 minutes or so then on  to Wonarah Bore rest area by mid morning, we are 43km east of the Barkly Homestead. Met a couple of motor bike riders here, travelling east as well. We shouted them both a cup of coffee and they were off, seemingly contented with the hot drink.
Friday 15th
Very windy this morning and cold with it. Time to move on.
     On to Camooweal today, with the headwind making driving a bit difficult we eventually arrived in Camooweal late afternoon after striking a small problem 80 km short. Due to circumstances not entirely of our making, we ran out of fuel. So - we unloaded the Jimny and I drove into Camooweal to get a jerry can of diesel. Poured it into Dilligaf  but had to bleed the fuel lines before we could get her going again.
    I have crossed the Qld-N.T. border 4 times now, once when we entered N.T. in May and 3 times today, Oh how exciting!! NOT!.
     We are staying in Camooweal to experience the drovers festival which is on next weekend, spending a bit longer here to enjoy the outback style entertainment, should be fun, will let you know in the next blog entry.