Saturday, August 16, 2014

Daly Waters & easterly 10th & 11th

Sunday 10th
     Refuelled Dilligaf at Daly waters as the photo shows - underneath the watchful eye of the helicopter, which is out of service at present due to maintenance and refurbishment, paying $1.87 per litre for diesel and also filled 3 jerry cans so we can make it all the way to Mount Isa where fuel should be cheaper than Camooweal or anywhere in between. Heading east to Camooweal eventually.

     On the way we came across these huge Termite mounds, this one had to be at least 7 feet tall and maybe 5 feet around. We had a rest at Bullwaddy rest area, 90km out then continued on to October rest area, travelling 170 km for the day.

     This picture shows our Rig as I took photos of the termite mounds and the length of some of the straights here on the Carpentaria highway, they seem to go on for ever and some of them  approach a rise in the road and it looks like we will fall off the edge of the world, but - no - only another long straight after all, and so it went most of the way to October Creek rest area where we spent the night.
      On arrival at the rest area Jim filled up a couple of containers by the water tank to let the wildlife have a drink and the birds came from all directions. This photo shows only a very few of the many that came from nowhere to get to the water.
     We shared the area with a few fellow travellers and had a fun afternoon and evening. As the moon came up over the horizon I had a fun time with the camera as Jim caught the moon in his fingers, nice catch Jim!!

                                  Monday 11th
     Took Dot and Yip for their early morning walk and found this neat tree
with the early sun shining on it, pretty isn't it? just some of the typical outback stuff we see on a regular basis out here on our travels.

     Travelling on up the Carpentaria highway we found this neat place called Little River, (funnily enough) only 10km short of Cape Crawford ( which is where we were headed) but it looked so nice we decided to stay the night here. The photos show how beautiful it is.
Dilligaf at the Little River
Huge Braham bull we saw
while walking the edge
of the billabong

Little River Billabong
As you can see, very pretty. Dot and Yip enjoyed their time here, very happy and had a ball.

     I had a try at fishing, could see plenty of small ones in the clear waters of the billabong and where there are little fish,-- Big fish  also -- Maybe. Well I had fun catching a few tiddlers when I got a surprise, as I was pulling one in, a splash at my feet, WHAT!! crocodile came to mind first, but it was only a water goanna trying to get my fish for his dinner, so I took it off the line and threw it to him, he took it up the bank a little distance from us and consumed it happily enough.

     This is him, He was sunning himself on this tree in the water next morning. (I can only presume it was the same one as I fed the day before)

   It was a lovely place to spend the day and night, especially when the sun was going down and I had the opportunity to take this picture of the billabong as we saw it from our camp chairs. Boy! life is tough alright.
     Tomorrow we make our way to Cape Crawford where we spend a night.