Monday, July 28, 2014

18th to end July Exploring around Ross River N.T.

Friday 18th
     A couple of photo's.

These two parrots visit occasionally,  they are Port Lincoln Ringneck's, there only seems to be a pair of them at any one time. 

 The other is our camp at this stage, looks like we have been here for a while doesn't it?

Saturday 19th
What can I say!! another beautiful sunrise.
Monday 21st
Having some fun while out walking Dot and Yip. Could this be an ancient rock painting??
Maybe not!
Yip and Dot are getting along great, enjoy taking their walks with me and rides in the car when ever we go out. Yip is becoming quite an attraction to other travellers and slowly becoming more used to people.
Wednesday 23rd
a pioneer village - alive and kicking during the gold rush days.
     We went to have a look today. 33km of gravel road, not too bad though.

We skipped the visitor information centre, too many NO! signs, (no pets, no camping, no fossicking) and drove out to the old police station and lock-up. The pictures above  are from this location, the buildings are fantastic, all made of the local slate rock, of which there is plenty of, even back when these were first built there wasn't much around in the way of trees or much vegetation at all apparently, to build with, so they are all rock buildings.
     We went another 57km to have a look at Ruby Gap, which is where the pioneers thought they would get rich on rubies, but they turned out to be only garnets and not worth as much as rubies.
     The road out to the gap left much to be desired!! Very rough and ready, but had some fun being rally drivers, (much to our bodies demise). When we got there we had my picnic lunch and turned back for the resort. On the way we came across these two cute donkeys.
They took little interest is us, but I had to get photo's.
     We carried on , it took us two and a quarter hours to travel the 80km back to the Ross highway intersection, making pretty slow travelling on the corrugated road, but we had another great day.
That's it for July, catch you in the next instalment of my story.