Saturday, August 9, 2014

Daly Waters 8th & 9th

Friday 8th
     Arrived here about lunchtime, booked in at the Pub to stay 2 nights at the Van park. Not a lot here but seems to have some character.
This isn't the actual hotel, it's opposite here, over the road.
     It is absolutely full of stuff! Undies and knickers, money, shirts and clothing that travellers from all over the world have left as reminders of themselves. Outside is a thong tree, a wall of vehicle number plates, amongst some of the oddities,- too many to mention.
      Here is me enjoying a Pot of beer while looking at some of the stuff, and the service area of the bar as you enter from the road, showing some of the goodies on display, so much of it!


      Out side there are some fun things, like a sign that says-  ANGLE PARKING - any angle mate!! and parking metre's and the Traffic lights.

     All in all, a very delightful place. The van park has filled up over the afternoon, very busy place. We have had a lovely day, see what tomorrow brings.

Saturday 9th
     Another great day has dawned, warm and sunny. Took a walk to see the tree that the pioneer explorer John McDouall Stuart left his initial 'S' in, when he discovered Daly Waters on May 28, 1862, on his successful journey to cross Australia from north to south coast. Unfortunately the tree has been burnt down in a bush fire and only the trunk remains and the S is not very distinguishable. It was a nice morning walk with the puppies.
      Had to do some menial housework during the day but another beautiful day. The van park is only dirt and a few trees, so makes for a very dusty area, no matter, except when the wind blows, just had a wily wily fill the bus with dust and set off the smoke alarm, Ha Ha!! what a place!!
     Another thrilling adventure coming up tomorrow when we head east through the wilderness. That's all for now, probably a while before we get a signal again.