Saturday, November 1, 2014

24th to 28th Oct. North through Sydney to Brooklyn

          Friday 24th

Crossing the Shoalhaven river
north/east of Berry
    On our way north. Visiting friends in south Sydney, then through the city traffic to the other side of Sydney.
The ocean! first glimpse
out from Gerroa
     Leaving Berry  early we crossed over the Shoalhaven river , very picturesque in the  morning light.  We drove through many towns and it was nice to see the ocean again. The tree tunnel along 7 mile beach(where the trees met over the road forming a tunnel) before Gerroa,  was something new.

The traffic increased as we went further north.

View of Gerringong and beyond
      The road traversed through many quaint country towns and villages, small and large, Kiama, Port Kembla, Towradgi and Thirroul to name a few, with some fairly steep climbs and descents, looking back out the bus window the view was ever changing. When I could get a photo opportunity  through the houses and buildings hanging to the cliff face of some towns, I managed this one looking back toward Gerringong early in the trip.

     We continued our way up hill and down dale until we found a place to pull over for a rest at Coledale, a small cliff-side/beach-side town about 45km from our destination of Miainbar.

Sharkeys beach at Coledale
     The beach side park we were at is called Sharkey's beach, a long stretch of white sand and the surf is up.    We spent the night here.
     The puppies had some fun on the beach, getting covered in sand and salt from the waves I managed to get Yip in to while playing with Dot. Washed them off in a small creek flowing onto the beach which was fresh water and they relaxed by the bus to dry themselves.

Surfs up at Sharkeys
beach - Coledale

      One end of the beach looked a 'beaut fishing spot for the keen rock fisherman, but I denied myself the pleasure, Too lazy, I guess to find the fishing gear needed.


Sunrise at Sharkey's beach Coledale
              Saturday 25th
      What a way to spend a morning, frolicking along the beach at sunrise. Had small breakfast and we were on our way again, but not before I took this sunrise picture through the sea mist. 


     Just north of Coledale is a piece of road construction which needed to be seen to be believed. Only opened a few short years ago apparently, (about 2005).
                                                    The Seacliff Bridge.
     We have been travelling along the Grand Pacific Drive, (about 71km of scenic roadway from Wollongong to Stanwell Tops) when we passed over the bridge. It is 665m long and 40mtrs above the sea, connecting a safe passage between Clifton and Coalcliff. (apparently it was pretty dangerous with falling rocks and the like before this was built)

looking back at the Seacliff Bridge
Seacliff Bridge
Clifton to Coalcliff

       A few pictures to show what it's like, it is quite a breath taking view!

Seacliff Bridge
looking back from Coalcliff
       Not too much further to go.  The drive through Stanwell Park area is lush ferns and forest, the temperature dropped while driving this part of the trip, cool in the shadow of green trees either side of the road.

Audley Weir
      Arrived in Miainbar early. Drove down a steep hill toward Port Hacking hoping to get close to the waters edge. Not so, narrow road with just enough room to turn around and go back up the hill and park on a bit of flat ground we found. This is where we will park for a couple of nights while we visit our friends here.

     We went to Audley weir for a couple of hours. Beautiful place to picnic, too busy for my liking. You can't do anything without a heavy wallet. Even wanted $11.00 for a day pass which allowed you to park your vehicle and use the grounds.
Art display on bus stop at Miainbar

         Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th we spent with our friends, catching up on 20 years. A thoroughly enjoyable way to spend the weekend. Thanks to our great friends Kate and Steve. Thanks guys!!
                                                   This mural in the bus stop was on the other side of the road where we were parked. It is like a virtual life story of Miainbar in 2002. Well done!

             Monday 27th
     Only travelled for half an hour or so this morning, to Janalli to catch up with more old friends of Sydney. Spent the day with them, lovely to catch up. Can do without the city life style though, been there - done that and so happy to be doing what we are.

            Tuesday 28th

Hawkesbury river and Brooklyn bridge
     We departed Janalli early this morning to try and beat the Sydney peak traffic. (Ha - Ha)Refuelled Dilligaf and off we went - and went - and went. !!!!!!!!!     Two hours later we had travelled an enormous 40km. City driving!! you can keep it.  Jim was coping really well and had slipped into the hustle and bustle of city driving after a short distance, unlike me - and I was only the passenger!!
     70km from our departure in Janalli we came to Brooklyn and the Hawkesbury river. Only took us 3 hours to get here. Oh well, that's life, but I don't care if we never have to drive in city traffic again.

      We decided to stop here for the night, it is a delightful rest area on Deerubbin reserve.
 Jim and the puppies enjoyed a relax on the lawn in front of Dilligaf. A tiring sort of day but glad to be on the northern side of Sydney.

relaxing at Deerubbin reserve at
Brooklyn on the Hawkesbury river
     I Tried my hand at fishing earlier in the day, but the only bait I could muster was dog meat, but never mind that, I had fun and Yip and Dot waited with bated breath for me bring something in. (which never happened) Enjoyed the evening watching the fairy lights of the highway traffic.



     Another chapter in our trip has come to an end as we look forward to heading north again, away from the busy city and on to the next faze of our journey. North and catch up with more of our friends of 20 years ago. It's going to be fun. Catch you then.