Tuesday, November 25, 2014

13th to 26th Christmas Cove van park - Laurieton

               Thursday 13th

Dot by the jetty a Christmas Cove Van park
at Queens Lake

      Moved camp today, all the way over the Camden haven river through Laurieton to Lakewood and the Christmas Cove Caravan park (all of about 10km), where we have negotiated a good price for a couple of weeks on the Queens lake. Very pretty and hopefully the fishing will be O.K. The jetty looks promising although the lake isn't very deep.

             Saturday 15th
     Finally got my bum into gear and went fishing today and managed to land an edible size flathead. Not much else having a go but had a great time. The weather is beautiful and all is good.
               Sunday 16th
     Luck or good management - I'm not sure-  but I pulled in another flathead today, enough for us both to have a feed of fresh caught fish tonight.
                                    Friday 21st
Lake Cathie

      Caught a bus into Port Macquarie today,(the bus so as I could be tourist) had a fine day looking around. Had all the seasons weather wise though, cloudy, hot and sunny, blowing a gale and a bit of moisture, not anything to stop me getting some photos though.
     This one of Lake Cathie (pronounced Cat-eye) I took out the window on the way over the bridge.

Art Critters in Port Macquarie
     I spent some time in one of the shopping centres then took a walk around the foreshore and out to town beach. These quirky little creatures are dotted here and there (even in Laurieton town centre)           
     They are works of art, this is only one of many that I photographed.

These photos are of the port and town beach.
     The walkway from the port area out to the beach is along the rock wall entrance to the port and most of the rocks are painted in some way or another, mostly with names and dates of when people where there.
Port Macquarie boat harbour

Port Macquarie boat harbour
and painted rock wall


Port Macquarie Town Beach
    The town beach is the local surfers paradise by the looks of it, Port Macquarie and the whole district is known for it's beaches and they are fantastic.

The Glasshouse - Information centre and conference-
entertainment building
      In the main street is the Information centre in this building called the glass house, it also houses  entertainment and conferences. An up market building in my eyes.

So, after a great day out I caught the bus back to Laurieton and camp.
           Saturday 22nd
Took a drive up North Brother mountain this morning to the look out to take these pictures. The
      view is fantastic. Laurieton actually nestles at the base of North Brother Mountain on the seaward side.
Myself, Dot and Yip at the look out on
North Brother Mountain
Camden Haven river, Laurieton and Queens lake
The bush up there is nice, some of the trees are huge. There is a walking track up the mountain from Laurieton but the road up is 5km so I will leave the walking to some-one else.
Natures wonders on North Brother mountain
Diamond Head and Watson Taylors Lake
from North Brother Mountain
On the other side of the look-out can be seen Dunbogan beach to Diamond head and Watson Taylors Lake.
A beautiful place to see the wonders of Laurieton and the Camden Haven river with the rock wall    and surrounding country side.
     It's been wonderful to catch up with friends of 20 years ago and check out the advances of a small sleepy fishing village that it was back then. Laurieton holds a special place in my memories and I have enjoyed being back for a while.
     Time to move on though and we will be heading north at the end of next week.  Will fill you in next month.

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