Wednesday, November 5, 2014

29th Oct to wed.5th Nov. Morisset & bulahdelah to Coopernook

              Wednesday 29th
     Taking the Sydney Newcastle freeway then on to the Pacific Highway we travelled to Morisset today. Did the necessary shopping and parked up at the Morisset showgrounds, at $20.00 per night we will be here for a couple days or so.
               Thursday 30th
     Went shopping (for fun) in town this morning and did the house work. Found a lovely pet shop while waiting for the washing at the Laundromat, they had birds of so many colours and varieties,  I have never imagined, and long haired rabbits, tropical fish, puppies and so much to look at, I had a pleasurable few minutes admiring the stock.
                             Friday 31st

Me at Bardens bay
Lake Macquarie

     Took the pup's in the Jimny for a drive out to lake Macquarie, its a huge inland salt water lake, connected to the sea. A kind local took this photo of me with the lake in the background.

              Saturday 1st November

Rainbow at Morisset
     A big market day here at the showground this morning, I had a look around and purchased a few things.  Spent some of the day preparing to travel tomorrow. The weather is not so good, with a  blustery wind and it turned into a bit of a thunderstorm this afternoon, lucky for us I had already put all the outside stuff away, including the awning before it blew too hard. Only lasted a little while and the sun came out again making a beautiful rainbow over Dilligaf

                            Sunday 2nd

         A couple of hours drive to Bulahdelah. When we arrived, there was a car show and markets on all weekend, some of the town is closed to traffic for the display.  We found the free camp at the bowling club where we stayed for the night. I walked up town to have a look at the cars on parade, man!! there were some fantastic vehicles. These 2 photos show only a few of them. I was taken with the old truck!

Car show at Bulahdelah
One of the oldies at car show Bulahdelah
     I visited the information centre while in town, got some handy maps and paid for 2 nights to park at the showground, powered sites are $17.00. We are set until Wednesday at this stage, will move the bus tomorrow morning.

              Monday 3rd & Tuesday 4th
     A bit cool on Monday morning, but should be a nice day even though it is cloudy. Tuesday much the same. A relaxing couple of days.

                                     Wednesday 5th

Tarbuck bay between Bulahdelah &

     We left Bulahdelah this morning heading for Coopernook, not too far up the scenic coast road. On the way we came across this lovely part of Wallis lake, called Tarbuck bay, the swans were an added bonus in the photo, there were 6 of them.

The sand bar entrance between
Forster and Tuncurry
     Arriving in Forster mid morning we stopped at the shopping centre to gather any larder items I needed, had some breakfast and continued. Over the bridge between Forster and Tuncurry, a magnificent sandbar and entrance to the lakes. Photo shows part of it. Forster/Tuncurry is much larger than expected, not a little seaside village at all.

About 20km out of Tuncurry we had a blow-out on the rear inside dual wheels. Bug - RRRR. Managed to find a road way to pull into and called a tyre repair company from Tuncurry to come out and fix it for us.
                                                            On to Coopernook. Found the pub, a great looking old building.
The Coopernook Hotel
     They allow fully self contained vehicles to park behind the hotel, just patronise the bar and or bistro, no problems there.

     The hotel is on the bank of the river, a pretty setting for a hotel. Not much else about here, a boat ramp, a few old cottages
 and the floating public pontoon. We are experiencing light rain with the odd lightning flash and thunder. Apparently Sydney and Newcastle are coping a fierce storm at present, hopefully it won't reach Coopernook.

     That's it for now, stayed tuned when we get to Laurieton.


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