Thursday, October 23, 2014

18th to 23rd Oct Nowra and Berry

                                              Saturday 18th

Bird life at Nowra
Nowra showgrounds grandstand

     We are at Nowra, at the Nowra showground camp ground. It  is very pretty and a large area to walk Dot and Yip. The bird life is neat and the buildings are all very ornate, as this photo of the grandstand shows.


     I spent some time at the Farmers Market this morning -  interesting. There are the meat and fish market, fruit and vegie market with all fresh produce. Purchased a few things. Also went to an Aldi store which I haven't been in before, a bit different to the supermarkets I am used to.

                   Sunday 19th

Hanging Rock - at the showground camp area Nowra.
Shoalhaven river - a long way down the cliff
     Driving around in the Jimny with Dot and Yip this morning, sight seeing.

     Visited the Shoalhaven zoo, didn't go in, but a nice setting for a zoo on the bank of the Shoalhaven river. There is a camping area here at the zoo, $10.00 per person per night and $2.00 for power. Really good rate and the camp is right on the Shoalhaven river, BUT!! no dogs allowed. Oh well! the showground camp is nice too!!

 A selection of the views we experienced while at Nowra and the show ground camping area.

Shoalhaven river and road bridge at Nowra
Dot and Yip at Nowra beside the
Shoalhaven river

      This photo of our puppies was taken from beside the Nowra golf club (which is behind me), and the Shoalhaven river behind Dot and Yip.

    A great way to spend a day on the golf course with views like this.

     We had a neat look around and a great day.

                        Monday 20th
     A change in the weather, it's misty rain today, not enough to be yukky, but a little damp, I guess we had to have some wet weather eventually. Just had a relax day.

                      Tuesday 21st
     Big move today.  - - -!!!
               About 15km to Berry. At the Berry showground, $24.00 p/n here, a bit cool as the day is rather overcast. Not to worry, I spent the day walking around and checking the village of Berry and walking the dogs around the suburbs.

The hotel at Berry, note the kangaroo in the surf
boat on the roof and the signs to everywhere
                      Wednesday 22nd

     The weather has healed and dawned a bright sunny day. A bit cool early but nice by mid morning.

     Walking around the town found some fun things like the surf boats on the roof of the hotel with the Kangaroo leaning in!!, and the sign post with distances to all places around the world from here.


Court house building coat of arms

     Another building is the court house, This coat of arms is on the front of the building, very special and nicely done.

Cane bike found in a store in berry on display
     And I found a funny piece of art in the entrance of one of the business'.  Not funny actually, as much, as very clever, a lot of work must have gone into this piece. The shop attendant couldn't tell me anything about it but didn't mind my taking a photo of it, A full size motor bike made of cane like weaving a basket but it's a motor bike.

     I had a fun couple of hours checking out the town, very up market. Lot's of eating places and speciality shops with all you need to decorate your home if you are a bit guppy-like, and clothing shops, very hippy-like. Not for me but interesting anyway. Also all the necessary shops, IGA, baker, butcher and such, all you need, plus.
     Berry is a neat little town, known as the town of trees. There are some lovely old trees lining most of the streets, in the business centre, as well as all around the suburbs. Don't know what most of them are, I only enjoyed them, some I have never seen before, flowering trees of all kinds.

2 passenger jets over Berry showground
(maybe Sydney to Melbourne?)
     The Berry showground has been around for some time, they are celebrating the 127th show in January 2015. A facility to be proud of with all  you need to run a very successful show each year. The camp ground takes up a small part of the overall property.

     I looked sky ward this afternoon to see these two jet trails in the sky. The day so clear and sky blue you could almost touch the planes as they passed over head.

                  Thursday 23rd

     Another glorious day.
     Had a show on at the camp today, Dairy cow competition. There were maybe 30 odd dairy cows here putting on their best for the owners, with 10 categories I was told, the competition was fierce, great morning had by all, I think.
     Another relaxing day, preparing to move on tomorrow. Filled Jimny with fuel and Jim loaded him back on the trailer.
     We have enjoyed our stay at Berry. Dot has had a ball  talking with other campers and Yip has taken the suburbs in her stride. She seems to have come to terms with suburbia and all the distractions there are. Sometimes she frets a little when confronted with something really big or noisy, but all in all is coping with domestic life well. Jim is going well, although I don't think Sydney is going to much for either of us it will be nice to catch up with our mates of long ago.
     That's my lot for now, catch you when we have departed Sydney I think, in a few days time.
             Chow for now.