Wednesday, November 12, 2014

6th to 12th Nov. Coopernook to Laurieton-Dunbogan

        Thursday 6th
    Short trip to Laurieton this morning. We spent some time here in 1994 - 20 years ago - will enjoy catching up with friends again here. Driving through Laurieton on our way to Dunbogan van park, the town has gone forward big time, can't stop progress I guess, but it's no longer the sleepy little fishing village it used to be (not surprising really). Made our way to the van park and booked in for a week at $180.00. Couldn't wait to try my luck at fishing at the Fisho's wharf in the afternoon while Jim had a beer at the local pub. No luck with the fishing, but I had a ball. Jim met a few folk that he knew, but reckoned the Pub is not the same(not surprising again).

Koala near Van park at Dunbogan
     Taking the dogs for a late evening walk they reckoned there was something in the tree, yes, a Koala, only a few metres from the park and on a busy street corner.
     Watched it for while but it didn't do much. A thrill for me though and the pup's looked for it each walk for the next few days. It stayed in this tree for a couple of days and made it's way somewhere else over night.

      Friday 7th to Wednesday 12th
      We are having a lovely time in Dunbogan, catching up with friends in Laurieton, I am doing the tourist bit, catching up with all there is to bee seen. A few photos of the Camden Haven area.
Camden Haven River + North Brother Mt.

Dunbogan beach to Diamond head +
North Brother Mt. (Laurieton sits beneath
the mountain)

Early morning at Dunbogan on
Camden Haven river
Entrance through the sea walls
into Camden haven river

Grants beach to grants head
north of the river entrance

One of the locals at Camden haven river
with out going tide from lake flats

Jim and Vannessa
all good fun at Dunbogan
         There is so much beautiful scenery to be seen, I had forgotten how lovely the area is, these are only a few of the sights we enjoyed.
     We are moving house tomorrow to another van park on the other side of the river, on Queens lake, a bit quieter I think and the weekly rate is only $120.00, the fishing should be as good.
     Catch you later.

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