Monday, December 1, 2014

26th Nov to 1st Dec. Laurieton to Iluka

    Wednesday 26th

Dot and Yip at the jetty on Queens lake
at the Van park Laurieton

     Misty rain today for the last day at Christmas cove van park. Never tried my hand at fishing after the great success of 2 flathead earlier in our stay here and have packed the fishing gear away for now.

     Took the puppies for a last look at the jetty and spent the day getting ready to heave off tomorrow.

Thursday 27th

     We are spending tonight at Dunbogan again except that we are free camping at the reserve, (no signs to tell us not to!!) it is still raining, we have about 70mm since it started a few days ago and it is a bit soggy, but all O.K.

Dunbogan reserve, High tide coming
into Googly's lagoon

     The photo of high tide looks a bit dark and wet, as it was.

     We had a lovely meal from the Dunbogan takeaway, fish and chips, yum! they do a nice feed.

 Friday 28th
     Moved to town in Laurieton today after doing the laundry at the local laundrette. It's still a bit wet and rainy, should clear later today. Parked on the side of the road around the corner from the Laurieton United Services Club, in Seymour street, walking distance to the club so Jim can try his luck at winning the big members draw tonight.

Saturday 29th
    No luck in the money draw at the club last night, so since we started with nothing, we still have most of it left!! Ha Ha
Nambucca river

     "Go north" they said, and that is what we are doing today. Drove to Kempsey for a start to pick up some fuel filters for the bus, and on we went.
     We crossed the Hastings, Wilson and  Maclay rivers (along with a few others )to reach a pretty little town called Fredrickton. The street was lined with cute little heritage style houses. On through a place called Barraganyatti, What? yes it is spelt correctly, some name isn't it? Passing a few other little places along the way and on to Macksville, population 7000, not stopping here, Nambucca is next, population 10,000 -
The Big Banana
Coffs Harbour
 getting bigger -  not stopping here either. Another river, the Nambucca we crossed on the way in to town.

      Carry on to Coffs Harbour, still too big to stop over. Sighted some interesting things on the way through though, the Big Banana bunch for one, and a Gigantic windmill which houses a restaurant and motel.

The Windmill Motel and restaurant
Coffs Harbour
     One of the unusual thing I spied after leaving Coffs harbour, was the banana plantations around here are mostly planted on steep hill sides. Have to I guess, there isn't much flat ground around.

     Still going on, through Coramba, Nana Glen and on to Glenreagh, where we finally pulled up out side the Golden Dog Hotel.
     Nice place to have lunch and found out where the camping ground is.

The Golden Dog statue with
the hotel at the back
     The Golden Dog statue outside the pub is huge ( a little ugly too) but a sight to see. Yip was not very keen on it, thought it might get us I think.  
     We travelled 227 km today, a mammoth effort, a superb journey through some lovely towns and country side.


Stair way to Orara river
 I took a walk and found the Orara river that skirts the edge of town with this long stair to the river edge which gave my legs a nice workout going down and up.

Great day had by all. time to rest up and see what tomorrow brings.

Sunday 30th

Jim on the bank of the
Clarence river at Ulmarra
     Decided to head east to Iluka to have a look. Through Grafton and found the highway ran along side the Clarence river. A huge system which ends up in the sea at Iluka, not sure where the source of it is, but it's a very wide and deep looking river.
     We stopped for a spell outside the town of Ulmarra, where I took this photo of Jim on the bank. In the middle of the river is a jet ski, it was hooting up and down the river while we were there.

      A bit further on we came across the Harwood bridge. It opens in the middle to allow river traffic to pass through when needed.
Harwood bridge
over the Clarence river
     The Clarence river seemed to be endless, with private residences between the highway and river on a very narrow strip of land.

     We finally arrived at our destination of Iluka by mid morning to find the fishing co-op wharf.
They cook a mean fish and chip meal for only $5.00, which we availed ourselves to. Had to get my fishing gear out, but never caught anything. Spent the night in the parking lot.

Monday 1st December
Iluka beach
     Took Dilligaf out to Iluka beach to spend the day. The puppies had an absolute ball on the beach after breakfast. The sun is shining and keeping the solar up to scratch, a bit windy but a beautiful day.
     Will go back into Iluka to park up in the same place as last night a bit later on, I think.

     Off to Ballina tomorrow. Stock up on seafood before we leave for the Christmas fair at our friends place there.
      See you later.


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