Saturday, May 3, 2014

Isisford to Blackall 1st to 4th May

     Thursday 1st
We got away from Isisford reasonably early this morning on our way to Blackall. The road is tarmac and pretty good travelling. On our arrival in Blackall (just before actually) this sculpture is in the park we are camping in at the entrance to town. It is an eagle and it's nest, made of recycled metal, found mostly in the Barcoo river, and the stand is made out of old bridge timbers, rather neat construction.
     We had to get a camping permit to spend a maximum of 3 days in the camp at $8.00 per night. We have decided to stay a couple of days here so got a permit for 2 nights.


      Having done that I took a look around town in the afternoon and found these old buildings. The one on the right is an old Cinema and the left one  is a memorial statue to Jack Howe - legendary shearer -  he is Australia's most famous sheep shearer who shore 321 sheep with blade shears in 7 hours and 40 minutes, (a record that has never been broken) in front a replica of the Universal Hotel.
     Friday 2nd
     Did some sightseeing today and shopping, taking the whole day to do very little, but what a way to spend my time!!
     Saturday 3rd
     Staying another night and heading for Tambo tomorrow.