Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Change of plan 4th to 7th May- Blackall to McKinlay (chasing warmth)

            Saturday 3rd
   Wow!! awoke this morning to only 3 degree temperature. Oh-h-h, so-o too cold for us, after a little discussion we have decided to head back the way we came, eventually heading for Darwin, chasing the warm weather, (we have been going in the wrong direction, only going to get colder as we head south)
             Sunday 4th
     Packed up this morning and went as far as Ilfracombe again. Fueled the bus and actually gave her a wash before leaving Blackall, (looks like some-one owns the rig now that she's clean again), got to Ilfracombe lunch time.

     Monday 5th
     Walked the dogs this morning and couldn't resist taking another photo of the sunrise here in Ilfracombe, they are something else around these parts.

      Heading to Cloncurry via Barcaldine, Longreach, Winton, on the Winton-Cloncurry road. The road is so-o-o- long and straight, they're all like this in the outback by the looks of it, and the scenery is very unchanging. Got to Winton before lunch and rested up for a couple hours and continued on to Kynuna. a little place in the middle of nowhere with a pub, roadhouse and caravan park, police station and not much else. The population of the town in 1894 was 400, in 1994 it was only 15 and now in 2014, is only 2, I believe. The pub is the Blue Heeler Hotel, very quaint old outfit with caps all over the wall in one bar and the other bar wall and ceiling is covered with names etc that people have done on the visit here from all over the country and the world, the wood furniture is pretty nice too. We stayed in the van park at the roadhouse for tonight and tomorrow night, to give the driver a good spell before we head off again on Wednesday.

          Wednesday 7th
     Drove to McKinlay this morning, the home of the Walkabout Hotel, you know the one! Crocodile Dundee's pub. Well the hotel wasn't open yet, the information centre and craft shop at the old post office doesn't open until June, so, there was nothing for it but to have some breakfast and carry on.
     We went to a truck stop a couple of k's past the Fullarton river by 11.30 am, about 46 km north east of McKinlay. We will spend the night here and make for Cloncurry or maybe Mt Isa tomorrow, in our new journey destination of Darwin. (however long that may take us!) It is a long way I know and on those lo-o-o-ong roads most of the way. All is good.  Hooroo for now.