Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Isisford & Oma waterhole 26th to 30th April

 Saturday 26th
     Left Ilfracombe on Saturday morning travelling about 90km to Isisford. On the way we stopped off at a site known as the 12 mile, used to be a hotel here, the photo tells the story, also the countryside is very nice but mostly unchanging, at least there is grass!.

As this view out the window shows.

On arrival at Isisford we
 had a spell and decided to head out to the Oma waterhole on the Barcoo river. Had no idea how far it was and the gravel road was pretty mean. It was only about 12km.

When we got there ,we drove along the edge of a water hole, the road was full of small wash-outs which did the interior of the bus, not much good at all, but all O.K, just put it back together when we finally found a spot to camp, we set up and as usual, took a rest. Jim put the Yabbie pots in to catch a Red Claw or two, lit a camp fire for me to cook dinner on, then that was another day over.

     Sunday 27th

     Awoke to another great day, walking the pups this morning along the bank of the Barcoo River  and this sight beheld me, had to take a photo, what a way to start, again!!!


      A bit later in the morning we checked the yabbie pots, there was one eel tailed catfish, a throw back, nothing else, reset them and went back to camp. Had a great day doing nothing much, had a few beer's in the 'arvo, cooked a lovely stew on the fire and tucked into bed.

     Monday 28th
     Walking the pups this morning, this camp area is huge, don't know how big, but plenty of space and you can't see the next camper, all on the river bank and there are hot/cold showers and nice and clean too, all for only $3.00 per night or $15.00 a week. Also came across this mob of goats, don't know if they are feral or farmed, but they are all the colours of the rainbow (nearly) and the horns are huge too, I decided not to muck with them.
     I decided to have a fish this morning, only unpacked the hand lines and using the pups meat for bait managed to catch  small jungle perch, which I threw back. I caught the landing line of one of the yabbie traps on my hook and had to pull it in to get the hook back. There was a good sized red claw in, and some more eel tailed catfish. I gave one of the fish to Yip to play with and she had a ball, deciding that this fishing caper is pretty neat fun after all. There were 2 small yabbies in the trap which put on my hook live, lost the first one straight off, and the next one I threw back after a while with no result. Took the red claw up to camp and cooked it on the open fire for breakfast.

      Tuesday 29th
Major Mitchell Site

      Travelled back to Isisford township today, on the way we stopped at the Major Mitchell site, it's the place where he crossed the Barcoo river on 15th September 1846 on his return journey to Sydney. Jim looks like he was meant to be here then and now. We are spending the night behind the pub in it's van park. The owners are new, only been here for a week, they have a lot of work to do.
     Went for a walk down the main street this afternoon, the town is mostly a display of times gone by. there is a post office, general store, and some other, but the baker, butcher and refreshment come general store, are display only. I actually took my wallet into the baker when we got here on Saturday to buy some fresh goodies!!! I did feel a bit silly and hoped no-one saw me.(the door was open and the fresh baked goodies in the window looked good to me!! Ohh-h- dear me)

     Took the pup's walking in the free camping area on the  banks  of the Barcoo river, they went for a swim at the weir, and it made a lovely photo in the afternoon sun, we will probably move there tomorrow to camp for a day or two before moving on to Blackall.

  Wednesday 30th
     Last day of another fun filled month.
     We have shifted to the council camp ground on the Barcoo river right on the edge of town this morning. I have spent a bit of money at the local grocer, mainly a bit of fresh stuff. We will be here until Friday 2nd May when it will be time to head for Blackall. Will leave you with this photo of Isisford's main street. having a ball still, will catch you sometime in May.