Monday, May 12, 2014

Still heading north 8th to 13th (Northern Territory next)

 Thursday 8th

We left the truck-stop at Fullarton river this morning, where we met this bloke, Vince, who is cycling from Yamba in N.S.W., to Broom and on to Perth in W.A. That's a long way by leg power only. He said he averages about 100 km per day, if he needs to. Imagine walking 100km a day just for fun!! not me thanks, I'll stick with the bus.
Me and the pups at Chinaman creek dam
     We travelled through Cloncurry on to Chinaman Creek dam, which is just west of the township to have another look, there has been some rain since we were last here in July 2013. It certainly is different this time! The dam is almost full by the look of it, very pretty compared to nearly 12 months ago, although it was nice then too!.

Chinaman creek dam - Cloncurry
We had a look around and the pups had a drink of the fresh water. We continued on to a rest stop half-way between Cloncurry and Mount Isa called fountain Springs rest area to spend the night.

Friday 9th
     Spent heaps in Mount Isa this morning, replenishing the larder, drinks cabinet and the tank in Dilligaf, along with filling up a couple of extra fuel cans as we are going far into the unknown outback today and the next few days with very few fuel stops that we know of. Got everything accomplished by midday and continued north-west about 50km to a rest stop which is a WW2 airfield, an historic sight where we spent the night.

     There is a stretch of road which was built before the war which they have preserved for future generations to see. It runs parallel to the new road and is just as long and straight as all the roads around here but it follows the contour of the land instead of cutting through hills etc.

     Also there is this billboard sign which explains all they did and what they achieved, to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the end of world war 2. So a bit of interesting history for me.
             Saturday 10th
     Moving on, travelled approximately 130km today, to Camooweal, gateway to the Northern Territory. Arrived before lunch and parked up at the Post Office Hotel caravan park. Paid for a couple of nights. This sign is on the wall of the roadhouse and tells it all!! We have come from Townsville, but on a longer route than this sign fore-tells, and we have a way to go before we get to Tennant Creek, which is our objective at the present time.

       Sunday 11th
     Had a look around town this morning, took all of half an hour, not much to see really, there is the hotel of course, a post office with small shop and essential grocery items and 2 service stations, a small one with a mini mart-takeaway and other assorted stuff and a BP roadhouse with all the usual roadhouse goodies with a huge truck parking area.
     There were a couple of odd things, one was this historic general store, falling into disrepair (sadly), but the stone walkway out front is very impressive.
    The other was this Kangaroo statue outside the roadhouse under the trees with some picnic tables and chairs. I have no idea what the horns represent (obviously the cattle industry in some way) but strange to say the least.
     I had a fun day, the pup's have enjoyed themselves and I'm sure Jim has been having a ball too.

Monday 12th
     We moved on today - went a whole (maybe) 2 kilometres, over the Georgina river on the west side of Camooweal to the Camooweal Billabong. It's pretty here and plenty of room, it is a free camp along side the river which is choka's full of lilies, there are huge white and blue ones and a smaller pink one and another kind of water plant with yellow fluffy flowers on it.  Absolutely beautiful.
      We will stay here for the maximum allowable length of 48 hours and head off towards the Northern Territory probably on Wednesday 14th, following the long road out of town. I'll leave you at present, with this image of the road we will  travel on in our continuing saga of fun and frivolity.

     Catch you when we hit the Territory!!