Friday, May 23, 2014

Over the Border to Northern Territory 15th to 23rd

Thursday 15th
     We crossed the border this morning at 8.30am. Now 8am as we are in the Territory, 1/2 and hour behind Qld.
     Spent sometime yesterday enjoying the last of Queensland at Camooweal billabong, where we have been for 3 days. I collected some neat rocks but can't take all of them with me so have taken this photo to remind myself and everyone of the beauty that they are.
 There was a full moon that night and we took time out to enjoy it, had a couple drinks to depart the state of Queensland and watch this view of the moon coming up through the trees as we sat in front of Dilligaf admiring.

Any way you want!
as long as you want straight

   We travelled about 20 minutes before crossing the border, there is not much to see on the way, just more of those long straight roads again, as this shot shows really well. We came across Vince, the bike rider again, at one of the rest stops we had along the way, man!! he is making good time.
                                      We went about 200 km today to the Barkly Homestead Van park, a bit too far compared to the normal travelling k's we do, but found an oasis in the middle of nowhere, a very nice place to spend the night. This photo is of the original homestead, the van park is behind it.

     Friday 16th
Hey Yip! another great place
to explore eh?
     Moving on, 117km today to a free camp called 41 mile bore, stacks of room here, Dot and Yip thought it was pretty neat, lots of walking space. Dot seems to be enjoying herself, making friends with all who come our way. Yip is travelling really well, getting used to the new places everyday and meeting people all the time, she gets quite cheeky at times and gives the people she thinks are O.K. little nips on their fingers, the folks love it.

           Saturday 17th
     Made Stuart Highway this morning at Three ways. Turned left at the intersection on to Tennant Creek,( have decided to give Darwin a miss, too big and crowded for us, Cities! Yuk!!). Travelling down the highway and look what I see  out the window! HILLS ! well -  where did they come from? long time since have seen any of those things, (Ha Ha ) there are a few of them here and all along the way to Tennant Creek.
Remnants of Bonney Well
      Stopped long enough in Tennant to restock the larder with a few things and went looking for a camp site 11km east of Tennant Creek. Couldn't find the place so turned back and headed south along the Stuart for 87km to a rest area called Bonney Well. There is a water course near so went to check it out with Yip and Dot. We found a nice sized billabong about 100mt upstream of the bridge and Dot couldn't wait to go in for a swim, had a ball splashing and carrying on. Yip was not so keen to jump in but enjoyed being splashed and went for a paddle." Oh, I enjoy swimming" I reckon Dot said. Spent an enjoyable evening and lazy morning the next day at Bonney Well rest area.

             Sunday 18th
C'mon Devil play marbles
with me! (the devil won)
     To Wauchope (pronounced war-hope) today but first called into the Devils Marbles. An aboriginal Sacred site with a fantastic display of naturally occurring boulders of all shapes and sizes stacked precariously one atop the other.

     Could have camped here overnight but the dogs weren't allowed out of the day car park, so I took these photo's and we continued on to Wauchope.

     At Wauchope there's not much to see. Only the Pub and the van park behind the pub which is where we camped. There was the publicans dog, a red cattle/dingo cross, a great looking male with a red mottled coat and very bushy tail, anyway Yip and him had a ball, playing with each other for a couple of hours, and Dot thought he was pretty too.
NOTE- the sights!

     Inside the hotel was this (Presumably Aboriginal) Spear and boomerang with built-in telescopic sights. Very funny.


Next morning while walking Yip and Dot this neat sunrise over the hotel was something I thought worth a photo.
A very nice interlude at the Wauchope Hotel.

               Monday 19th
Wycliff Well Roadhouse
     15 minutes down the highway today we came across Wycliff Well, the U.F.O capital of Australia, (so the sign said).

Not much here, the roadhouse with all sorts of U.F.O collectibles and a big4 caravan park. Had a look around then went on to a road-side rest area called Taylors Creek where we spent the night.

                      Tuesday 20th
The interior of the Barrow Creek Hotel
After a good nights sleep we moved on to Barrow Creek. A run down hotel with a bit of character on the inside. We stopped here for breakfast 'cause Jim can remember stopping here over 30 years ago (before we met) and getting very inebriated, oh happy memories!!.
Maybe one the signatures is his, he can't remember if he did or not!! and the ceiling is covered in money of all kinds, Jim reckons one of them may be his, who knows?

Overland Telegraph Station
Barrow Creek
     There is a great set of buildings here which is the remnants of the overland telegraph station.
The stone work is something to be admired and was probably gathered from the surrounding area.

      On the highway just before entering Barrow Creek the rock formations are very impressive and the hilly country is like this photo.

We travelled a bit further to spend the night at John McDouall Stuart Memorial rest area.
    Next morning while walking Dot and Yip up a track running parallel to the highway we came across this huge nest on the ground. An ant nest, I guess, although there was no evidence of any insects at all. The outside measurement of this nest like structure had to be about 18 inches around the base, made of the red dirt which is in abundance here and then overlaid with grasses and sticks. A strange thing to see, is all I can say.
                  Wednesday 21st
Ti Tree roadhouse
     On to Ti Tree today. Drove around the streets then crossed the highway to a sign that read -
 "Store - Free camping", had a look but elected to return to the roadhouse which has a van park behind it. Set up camp for a day or three, just to chill-out for a while. The area is nice and quiet with green grassy sites for only $20. per night.
                 Thursday 22nd
      Staying at Ti Tree until Saturday, there are plenty of places to walk the pup's and we are enjoying the relax.
We had a few spits of rain today, just enough to dampen the ground.
Yip and Dot relaxing outside the bus
     Yip had some fun with a group of three young brothers, camping with their parents aged about 7 to 12 or so, she was playing with the youngest of them, growling and darting back and forward at him, being very cheeky. The older boy was also treated to some cheek from her.

             Friday 23rd
     Another great day is had by us all. We will head off tomorrow, toward Alice Springs with a couple of stops on the way. Life is good, see you.