Sunday, July 12, 2015

July - fun in Ravenshoe


Millstream falls -going over the edge
The weather has been very changeable, some days are just lovely and sunny and then others are not so nice, with misty drizzle and a bit cool. Having a ball though, can't let the weather hold me up.

Dot at Millstream falls

Yip at Millstream falls
  On the 4th I took the pup's out to the Millstream falls for the afternoon. It is a national park but I didn't let that stop me from giving the girls a look around at the top of the falls. Some of the tourist's there where very pleased to make Yip's acquaintance along with Dot but one couple were not impressed and the bloke was shaking his head as we met on the trail, I said "there many things that people are not supposed to do", so not to worry. We had a glorious afternoon. The falls are the widest in Queensland falling over a basalt rock wall. It's good to see the waters ways around the area flowing so well, something to do with the weather I reckon!!

      That's it for now.

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