Tuesday, July 28, 2015

17th to end July Ravenshoe fun & relaxing

    Well!! - not much to report.

     Saturday 18th
     I was called to duty at the local community B.B.Q.-  organised by the Tablelands council for all Ravenshoe residents and the whole community to get together for a fun day and to ask any questions. I spent a couple of hours cooking onions for the sausage sizzle with many people who had volunteered for the day.
     The weather has been very changeable, had a couple of light frosty mornings a couple of weeks ago, we have had misty days, cool mizzling rainy days, warm to cool fine days and lovely cloudless sunny warm to hottish days, all you could want in the weather pattern, but it is really lovely most of the time!!.
     The Tall Timbers Van park, where are staying, was taken over by new owners a month ago and we have been helping them out where we can, they are new to the game and are going along nicely, making improvements along the way.

Yip in Camp at Ravenshoe
   Dot & Yip are finding Ravenshoe as enjoyable as we are, I think. Yip is pretty relaxed most of the time, meeting new people almost every day.
When she isn't being cheeky or annoying Dot this photo shows what she gets up to. they both have been swimming in the creek (Yip with a bit of encouragement from me) and running amok in the park.

     End of the month is near, we are planning on going to Cardwell, then on to a country music weekend next month in Townsville.
      Catch up with us in August.  Man!! time flies when you are having so-o-o- much fun.  See Ya.

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