Sunday, July 12, 2015

Mucking about in Ravenshoe (1st-12th)

     Enjoying a grand time in Ravenshoe.
     No requirement for our services so far from the folk injured in the Café explosion, maybe further along in time, we are available if needed.

     The Tall Timbers van park (where we are staying) is under new ownership, we have been giving them our time, off and on, doing what ever little thing is needed. In the mean-time, cruising along quietly.

Millstream falls-Ravenshoe
     On the 4th (as I said last blog) I took the dogs for a drive out to Millstream falls. 20 years ago you could get to the bottom of the falls for photo's, but now only a track to a viewing platform, that's progress I guess! Still, they are just as beautiful as I remember.

Suspension bridge at Herberton
     A few days later, on 8th, I drove to Herberton to wonder around the Historical village. I spent 3 hours meandering around the village, gazing in wonder, at times, at the displays. It made me realise how tough it was for people back then.
  The whole village is set up jolly well. The suspension bridge over the wild river is an experience not to be missed, just saying, I've been there and done that!!

Horse drawn hearse
(Who's the sad looking one?)
     The horse drawn carriages were many but this one took my fancy, the Hearse, beautiful in a morbid way.


Herberton historic Village street
     The town is just like it was many years ago with numerous streets such as this one.

Some of the old tractors at
the village
     Then there is all the old machinery, tractors, as in the this photo, bulldozers, tools, cars, engines of all description, you have to go there and see to believe it.  I had a wonderful time.

HM Bark Endeavour
replica at Herberton village
     I took time for lunch. In the cafe is this model of the Endeavour. really well made, amongst others there too.

    A great day once again.
Back to camp late after noon.

Keeping out of trouble and having a humunganormously great time here in Ravenshoe. Catch you next blog.


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