Monday, June 29, 2015

June 22nd to 30th Ravenshoe

     Having a quiet time here in Ravenshoe, the weather is very changeable, wet and drizzly one day and beautiful sunshine the next. the advantage is, that it isn't cold, cool at times but very manageable for us.

Little Millstream platypus water hole
     The pup's and I have been walking the town every day, rain or shine.
Found our way to a part of the Little Millstream that is a bit over grown around the banks but a narrow track led us to this largish waterhole which I later learnt is a Platypus hole. I didn't see any that day, but I did see a platypus in the creek that runs behind the van park we are in, on our first day here, but it was such a  brief sighting I wasn't sure of what I had seen at the time.

The top Pub at Ravenshoe
     There are 2 hotels in Ravenshoe, this one that the locals call the Top Pub and another known as The Club Hotel.
     The town has everything one would ever need and is very friendly and so-o-o- green with all the water ways running beautifully. Shame about the drizzly weather but it wouldn't be green without it and I know that it can be lovely here.

     We will be sticking around Ravenshoe for a while, so catch you next month.

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