Wednesday, August 19, 2015

1st to 18th August - Moving about again

  The weather has been really kind, cool evenings and mornings but beautiful during the day.
     To start the month we are still in Ravenshoe but readying to head off to Cardwell on Tuesday.

Bianca+Tony Ravenshoe

     Tuesday 4th
Saying bye to Tony and Bianca at the Tall Timbers Park with the probability we will be back in a week or three. Lovely people.

Windy Hill wind farm Ravenshoe
     Heading off toward South Johnson on the coast, I took a final picture out the bus window of the wind farm.
The Criterion Hotel at Wangan

     Winding our way down the Palmerston highway to Wangan, looking for the bakery to have some lunch, never did find it. We passed it on the way, about 3km back, (apparently!!!!) I took a photo of the pub instead, no! - we didn't have one while there. Moving on, we arrived in Cardwell about 1pm to park up outside Gail's place until Friday when we head for Townsville

     Friday 7th
     Getting away reasonably early we stopped in Ingham to stock up on foodstuffs and  have some breakfast at the roadhouse a couple of km south of town.
Relaxing in camp at Music W/E

     We found our way to Toomby's horse land by mid-day on the Hervey Range road where the country music camping weekend is being held by the Townsville and Thuringowa country music club. Set up for a couple of days and took the rest of the day easy, the music is set to start tomorrow.

Saturday 8th
  Great morning with the weather being a bit cool but beautiful. Enjoyed our morning walk with the company of our mate, Gail. Had a late breakfast and listened to the music from our camp site at the bus. Gail and I spent some time enjoying the music later in the evening after a great day.

     Sunday 9th
Our good friends Gill+Steve at the country music W/E
    Enjoyed the bush poets this morning, with a late breakfast. More of our lovely friends came to visit us today. Gill and Steve drove out to see us after nearly 2 years. Fantastic to catch up with them and share a story or two.

A lovely way to spend a weekend, time has got away, we'll making our way back to Cardwell tomorrow.

Hinchinbrook Island+channel from lookout on Cardwell range

Monday 10th
      Packed up went into the city to catch up a couple of friends and do a small bit of shopping.
Back over the Cardwell range and a quick stop at the look-out taking this picture of the Hinchinbrook channel and island, looking north.

Continued to Gail's  in Cardwell for a coffee then to Hinchinbrook rent-a-yacht to bluey's place for a few days.

11th to 16th
Sunrise over Hinchinbrook Island from Cardwell forestry road
    Having a look around the town and Hinchinbrook, nothing much has changed in town it self, the foreshore has been done up since cyclone Yasi in 2011, otherwise it is like I was never away. Hinchinbrook, unfortunately, is almost deserted with the few mansions that are there up for sale or rent. When they were built they were million dollar plus homes, now they are not worth much as no-one wants to live there. It was nice walking the dogs in the morning though, sunrises where every pretty coming up over the island.

Monday 17th
     Back to Ravenshoe today. Will stay for a while until we decide where to next.


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