Monday, December 15, 2014

10th to 15th Deepwater to Delungra

    Wednesday 10th to Friday 12th

Deepwater river at Deepwater
     Pretty quiet time these three days. Plenty of rain over night on Wednesday so decided to sit tight for another couple of days. The river came up a bit after the rain.
     Much excitement on Thursday for the townsfolk as the drug squad did a bust on the area, police cars, helicopter and all, the town was a buzz on this day, exceptional compared to normal  run of the mill kind of quiet town day.
     We moved on Friday to the southern end of town and will be heading off on Saturday to take advantage of the weekend and quieter road traffic.

         Saturday 13th

Macintyre river at Glen Innes
Court house in Glen Innes
     Departed Deepwater fairly early and made Glen Innes to do a bit of shopping and stock up the drinks. Some great old buildings here too! the court house caught my eye as we were leaving the town and travelled over Macintyre river on our way through to Inverell.

     We stopped at a rest area at Swan Vale. Nothing here but a lovely little creek called Swan Brook and the farm land. I saw a swamp hen in the creek with 2 chicks, that gave me a kick! 

Inverell - Long way to there from here
       Rested up for a time then continued to Inverell, stopping beside a park with this unusual (to me) sign, what do you reckon? Inverell has a strong Scottish heritage by all accounts and this park is a memorial to the descendants of the pioneers who ventured  here, way back when.

Grain silo at Delungra
      Elected to continue another 30 or so km to Delungra. Another small village with a Pub, service station and - a little surprisingly - a bowling club, pretty big club and fairly new by the looks of it. We pulled up beside the Hotel and after having a beer and asking permission of the publican will camp here for the night. Obviously a grain growing area as this huge silo can be seen long before you get into town. There a few buildings that were shops but now closed and private residences, about 300 population I think. Nice town! very green and fresh looking.
          Sunday 14th
     Discovered the Delungra sport ground reserve camping ground yesterday afternoon, only $15.00 a night for a powered site, we have moved to here today and set up camp with the thought of spending a week or two relaxing and keeping off the roads over the Christmas silly season.
          Monday 15th
     Great weather, quiet camp site, plenty to eat and drink, can't ask for much more.

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