Friday, December 26, 2014

16th to 26th Christmas at Bingara

         Tuesday 16th

Red river gum on bank of
Gwydir river
    Drove about 35km in the Jimny to check out the town of Bingara today. A free camp on the Gwydir river is supposed to be very nice. Wow! it's nice alright, we found a beautiful place to camp for the silly season on a nice grassy bank of the river. We expect it will get a bit crowded over the Christmas season but there is plenty of room for all and we are going to move the rig to here tomorrow. Had a bit of a look around while here and took some photo's.

Bank of Gwydir river at Bingara

Gwydir river at Bingara
Bridge over the Gwydir river
at Bingara
Huge river red gum roots
and me and Dot+Yip


                          Wednesday 17th
     Arrived at the new camping site mid morning, set up and prepared to have a wonderful lead-up to Christmas over the next week, walking the dogs, swimming maybe! and what ever is next. The area has Lot's of horses grazing, also there heaps of rabbits, much to Dot and Yips excitement.

          Thursday 18th
Sightseeing today. went into town found the bakery and tried some of their goodies, yummy!
Sunset on Gwydir river
at campsite Bingara

      Evening produced the most magnificent sunset we've seen for some time.

Double rainbow over our bus at Bingara

Then it rained as well to light up the sky with a double rainbow, photo opportunities can't get better than this can it?

    Well I had a fun time with it.

Another day over, bring it on.

              Friday 19th

Make-shift Christmas tree
at Bingara
     Christmas not far away so I decided to decorate the tree next to our campsite to get in the mood for the festive season, maybe it helped, Santa doesn't call at our place any more though and we haven't got a chimney any way.

Dot and Yip relaxed as they can be
Saturday 20th
     Dot and Yip seemed impressed with their lot.
They gave chasing rabbits a go but I have had to call a halt to this fun due to excessive running about on my behalf.

The wild life is varied and many, local tourist attraction is the bird life, I've seen so many different types I have lost count.

Water Dragon at camp on the Gwydir
river - Bingara
     This  little bloke is a resident of the river bank at our camp site, not shy at all and comes for food which we haven't given it. The pups make sure it doesn't get too close to us, which is a shame as it will come right into camp when the dogs aren't looking. It is a water dragon.

Yip making friends with a local
     Yip is fascinated with the horses and wants to get up close and personal with them, loved this foal and had a tat-a-tat with him.

                   Monday 21st

Gold mining battery stamper
All Nations Hill - Bingara

     Inspected the town and surrounds over the past few days, nice town which has all you need, IGA supermarket included. Drove to All Nations hill on the outskirts of town to find this old gold mine battery stamper, huge thing, all part of the history of the town.

                        Wednesday 24th

Storm clouds on Xmas eve
     Christmas Eve. Almost over for another 12 months.  Today has been cloudy and overcast which bought stormy skies late afternoon with an electrical storm with rain later in the evening. A classic photo of our bus, very ominous looking!

The storm bought gusty winds, shaking Dilligaf and our awning, but managed to stay in one piece.

              Thursday 25th - Christmas day
      Lazy - lazy day. Nothing special.  Merry Christmas to all.
  We share our camp site (all of about 3/4 of kilometre of river frontage) with only 4 other campers, very surprising to each one of us, this spot must be the most well kept secret in Australia. Great for us though, no crowds, very quiet and peaceful.

     Friday 26th
    Boxing day.  Another overcast day, not much rain.

That's the Christmas of 2014 gone, another year on it's way. probably catch all next year.

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