Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Happy 2015 at Bingara NSW

              2015 is going to be another great year.

     1st to 6th January
     The New Year has arrived and gone, on with the rest of the year.

Camel wants to say Hi Yip
(Our rig is at the back top left)

     Enjoying our time in Bingara but not much to tell, taking it easy with only a couple of photos of the local animals and Yip's interaction with them. She is ever curious of the horses and all animals here but the camel seemed to want to get to know her up close and personal. Dot is not so keen to be with the wild life unless she can growl and tell them off(which she is not aloud to do)

The horses are many, counted up 40 at one stage and a few foals amongst them. This one is only a few days old when I took the photo, lovely little grey colt, same colour as his Mum, (the old grey mare) Very relaxed little guy.

Shapes of nature at Bingara

This picture just caught my fancy, the beauty of nature is always surprising and can be stark, but always beautiful in it's own way.

     Just a dead tree against the morning sky,  neat eh?
That's all for now, back with more when we continue our journey soon.

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